How Did Makima Live After Being Shot In Episode 8 Of Chainsaw Man?
How Did Makima Live After Being Shot In Episode 8 Of Chainsaw Man?

How Did Makima Live After Being Shot In Episode 8 Of Chainsaw Man?

How Did Makima Live After Being Shot In Episode 8 Of Chainsaw Man? One thing we know about Chainsaw Man is that the main goal of the characters is to find and kill the Gun Devil, who is the most dangerous devil at this point in the story. Makima is in charge of the Public Safety devil hunters. He told Denji to kill the Gun Devil. During the events of episode 8, we did see Makima and a few other devil hunters get shot while they were on a train. Is Makima dead? How did she stay alive after being shot?

Makima is, in fact, still alive and well. She was able to live through the gunshot because she was a devil. Makima is the Control Devil because she once made a deal with the prime minister that if she dies, she will give her death to a random Japanese citizen.

Because Makima is one of the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man, she was able to survive a gunshot to the head that should have killed her. Still, this power hasn’t been shown yet in the anime, but it is explained in great detail in the manga. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at why Makima was able to live after being shot.

Has Makima Been Killed Off In Chainsaw Man?

In the early parts of Chainsaw Man, we got to see that Makima is one of the main characters and that she is the one who got Denji to join Public Safety and work as one of her devil hunters. Makima was able to quickly get control over the members of Public Safety because, for some reason, everyone seems to listen to her.

We didn’t see Makima much on the field with the other devil hunters when they were killing demons. That’s because she is one of the top Public Safety officials. So, Makima had to leave Tokyo and go to Kyoto in episode 8 after a night of drinking and partying with the other devil hunters in episode 7. At the meeting, the most important people in Kyoto talked about certain things.

Makima and a few other devil hunters were killed by people with guns who didn’t know who they were while they were on the train. All of them were shot in places that were supposed to kill them. This was a planned and coordinated attack, as one of the attackers said that the operation was about to start. This means that it was a big operation in which Makima and the other devil hunters who worked for Public Safety were also killed.

Now, the fact that these attackers had guns is very important because only police officers and Public Safety devil hunters were allowed to carry guns because they wanted to weaken the Gun Devil by limiting the use of guns. So, no one was ready for when these armed attackers with guns came to kill the devil hunters.

As one of the main characters in the series and a key figure in Chainsaw Man’s future, Makima did, of course, survive getting shot on the train. Even though she was shot in the head, she lived through that attempt to kill her. In the manga, she killed some of the people who were trying to kill her by using a skill that let her trade the lives of condemned criminals for the lives of the people who were trying to kill her.

Makima is also one of the most important characters in the story because she still has a lot to do in Chainsaw Man. In fact, it’s too early in the story for her to die, which means that the attackers on the train will never kill her.

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How Did Makima Live After Being Shot In Episode 8 Of Chainsaw Man
How Did Makima Live After Being Shot In Episode 8 Of Chainsaw Man

How Did Makima Survive The Gunshot?

Makima was actually shot in the head during the attack that was carried out by the perpetrators; however, despite the fact that anyone would have perished as a result of the attack carried out by the perpetrators, the fact remains that Makima was able to survive the attack and was not even actually injured despite being shot. Because Makima is not even a human being; rather, he is a devil who assumes the appearance of a human being. This is the reason why Makima is so dangerous.

In reality, Makima is known as the Control Devil, which is a metaphor for the fear of being controlled. She has always existed in human form and possesses the power to exert influence over other individuals. The fact that most of the devil hunters working under her in Public Safety tend to do whatever she wants without question, including Denji, who appears to be a thrall to her power, explains why she was easily able to control a large number of different characters in the plot without having to do anything at all.

Naturally, devils aren’t quite immortal, and this means that being shot in the head would have been enough to put an end to any other devils. But the fact of the matter is that Makima was able to use her control abilities to save her life during that assault. She was able to make a deal with herself that saved her from passing away. And this brings us back to the fundamental idea that the source of her power is her capacity to exert influence over other people.

The fact that Makima, in her role as the Control Devil, possesses the ability to exert her will over others is the primary reason why she was able to coercively enter into contracts with human beings. In point of fact, she did so with the prime minister of Japan, with whom she had entered into a contract allowing her to work for the Japanese government. She did this in order to secure her position.

On top of that, this contract gave her the ability to survive any potentially lethal attacks that were inflicted on her in exchange for the attack being transferred to an unnamed Japanese citizen at random. As a result, Makima was able to gain immortality as a result of the contract she had with the Prime Minister of Japan so long as the Prime Minister was still alive and there were more than sufficient numbers of Japanese citizens who would die in place of her.

Therefore, when she was wounded in the head during that premeditated assassination attempt on the train, the damage that was done to her by the gunshot was transferred to an unnamed citizen of Japan. Because of this, she was able to endure the assault without even becoming hurt or displaying any signs that she had been injured in any way. And the fact that she is the Control Devil is one of the reasons why she is not a fully decent person in terms of her motivations; this is one of the reasons why she is not a good person.

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