5 Naruto Characters Who Can Beat Goku: Are They Really That Powerful?


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Two of the most well-known anime characters are Goku from Dragon Ball and Naruto from Naruto. It’s to be expected that fandoms will get competitive over whose series features the best and strongest characters, given how widespread these works are. Here you can read about those 5 Naruto Characters who can beat Goku, so let’s start reading.

It has been established time and time again that, no matter how well-written and developed Naruto’s characters are, they are not anywhere close to being as powerful as Goku is in Dragon Ball. While this may be the case, it doesn’t imply that a few of them couldn’t give Goku a good battle for a few minutes.

Below is a list of ten names, five of whom could stand toe-to-toe with the Dragon Ball protagonist for a few minutes, and five of whom would be crushed relatively instantly.

5 Naruto Characters Who Can Beat Goku



Many years before the series’s beginning, Nagato was given the Rinnegan by Madara. This allowed him to assemble a tiny army of the undead, which he dubbed the Six Paths of Pain after the many abilities they possessed. And they were all working toward the same goal.

In the opening minutes of battle, Goku would have trouble attacking Pain’s little army because of their shared eyesight. Like his previous match against Naruto, this one would be done before Dragon Ball’s main hero had a chance to process what was happening.

There isn’t much Pain can do once Kakarot decides to end the war and he knows it.

Naruto Uzumaki


One-on-one with the goddess of his universe? No problem for the Child of Legend, who can then go right back to training. With the nearly infinite Chakra of the Kyuubi and the unyielding might of the Uzumaki, Naruto is perhaps the strongest being in the series.

Using the Sage of Six Paths mode, Naruto should be able to keep up with Goku’s speed and power for a long time. Incredulous at the Uzumaki’s prowess, Goku would be eager to continue their battle. The blonde ninja’s powers are limited, though; Super Saiyan 2 or 3 Kakarot from Dragon Ball would probably be too much for him.



To become the Ten-tails Jinchuriki is to gain an advantage in strength unparalleled in Naruto’s world. While in this state, Madara was able to recover instantly and launch assaults faster than the speed of light. In addition, he had truth-seeking orbs, which could destroy everything they came into touch with.

Considering Madara’s might, the mere prospect of a confrontation with the Dragon Ball hero would be enough to get the blood pounding. After only a few minutes of seeing Goku’s speed and agility in action, Madara realized he was no match for him and conceded. Madara’s fists and orbs are worthless after a certain point because light speed is child’s play for most Dragon Ball characters.

Might Guy

Might Guy
Might Guy

Everyone’s limits were tested during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Might Guy was one of the most potent warriors in this conflict, which they fought heroically to protect their world from.

The transformation Guy underwent after unlocking the eight Chakra gates within his body was so remarkable that it even awed Madara. Goku would love to battle Guy in this form because the Uchiha himself has declared him the strongest man alive.

Unfortunately, after just a few minutes, Guy’s body will begin to feel the enormous strain of the technique, and he’ll have to stop before he dies. But even in that case, Goku would be pleased to have faced such a formidable foe outside the Dragon Ball canon.

Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze

Legends about Konoha’s Yellow Flash, a ninja so quick he could sneak into an opposing camp and kill everyone inside in a matter of seconds, have lived on in the Shinobi world for centuries. Minato’s Flying Thunder God Technique made him nearly invincible in battle; not even those with Kamui could keep up with him in terms of speed.

If he were to battle Goku from Dragon Ball, he would be able to hold him off for a very long time with his talents. In order to do anything to Minato, Goku would have to transform into a more powerful form. Unfortunately, even Minato’s technique wouldn’t be enough to deal with Kakarot’s speed after one or two changes.

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