Yeonmi Park Husband
Yeonmi Park Husband

Yeonmi Park Husband: What Caused Them to File for Divorce?

Yeonmi Park, a human rights campaigner, and North Korean defector, is well-known worldwide for sharing her inspirational story of fleeing the oppressive regime. In addition to being a speaker, best-selling author, and YouTube sensation, she shares her ideas and opinions on a variety of topics.

But what about her personal life? Who is Yeonmi Park’s husband and what became of their marriage? Here is a brief overview of Yeonmi Park’s marriage and their collaboration.

Yeonmi Park Husband

As of right now, she is single. Ezekiel, a US citizen and former pastor, is married to Yeonmi Park. After escaping North Korea through China and Mongolia, Yeonmi finally arrived in South Korea, where the two first met.

Yeonmi Park Husband
Yeonmi Park Husband

They moved to the US together after falling in love, and on January 4, 2017, they were married. James was born in 2018 to Yeonmi and Ezekiel, and Ezekiel supported Yeonmi in her career and advocacy.

Yeonmi regularly posted pictures of her baby and partner on social media to express her gratitude and affection for them. She also posted an emotional statement on Facebook on their third wedding anniversary, saying:

“Already three years down in our marriage! Time really flies too quickly. Someday, I hope to bring my American husband to my hometown and introduce him to my friends and relatives (if they are still alive) and celebrate this holiday season like everyone else.”

You may read what she said in the post below:

Why Did Ezekiel and Yeonmi Park File for Divorce?

Regretfully, Yeonmi Park and Ezekiel’s marriage did not last long. “Let’s Talk about the Lies – North Korean Defector” is the title of a 2021 YouTube video in which Yeonmi announced her divorce from Ezekiel. They separated, but she did not state why; she stated, “I was married, but not anymore.”

She revealed her divorce and discussed her views on North Korea, China, and the US in a podcast conversation with Joe Rogan. She didn’t seem to be as concerned about being bitter or heartbroken about her separation from Ezekiel as she was about her son and her objective. She says:

“I have a son, he’s three years old. He’s my everything. He’s the reason why I’m doing this. He’s the reason why I’m alive.”

Joe Rogan uploaded the following to Instagram:


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Do Yeonmi Park and Ezekiel Have Any Children?

Born in 2018, James is the child of Yeonmi Park and Ezekiel. James is a lovely boy who inherited his parents’ good looks. Yeonmi Park regularly updated her YouTube and Instagram sites with images and videos of him.

She expressed her gratitude and love for him by calling him her “miracle baby.” He gave her hope for the future and happiness, She stated on her official Twitter profile:

“Life is a miracle, I never knew I would survive starvation and become a mother of this beautiful angel. No matter what, let’s not lose hope.”

What is Yeonmi Park Doing Now?

Yeonmi Park’s son James is presently a resident of the United States. She continues to aggressively promote human rights, especially for North Koreans. She is now working on a sequel to her first book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” She says:

“I’m writing my second book right now. It’s about my journey in America, how I became an American, how I learned about freedom, and how I learned about myself.”

Additionally, Yeonmi Park is active on YouTube, where she shares videos covering a variety of topics like politics, feminism, education, culture, North Korea, and China. Her videos have received over 640,000 subscribers and millions of views. She says:

“I’m trying to educate people about what’s going on in the world, especially in North Korea and China. I’m trying to raise awareness and inspire people to take action.”

Yeonmi Park is a strong, courageous lady who has overcome many obstacles in her life. She is not just a survivor; she is also a warrior, a leader, and a thinker. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand by her beliefs. She is also a motivated person, a loving mother, and a loyal friend. Yeonmi Park is named Yeonmi Park.

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Yeonmi Park Current Relationship Status

The YouTuber is single because they don’t have a partner at the moment. She did not date anyone or start a new relationship after divorcing her ex-husband. However, it seems like the TED speaker is focusing on her work right now and using her position to seek justice for the people of North Korea.

Ezekiel married in 2017; he is a North Korean defector and an American citizen. However, the pair decided to file for divorce in 2020. After some time had gone, she declared on her YouTube page in January 2021 that she was no longer dating and that she was no longer in communication with her ex-lover.

The activist also celebrated the birth of a kid in March 2018 alongside her ex-husband, to whom she was previously wed. For additional updates and information about other celebrities’ personal lives, including their spouses, you may follow us on our website,

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