After The Events Of "Chainsaw Man" Who Does Denji End Up With? Explained
After The Events Of "Chainsaw Man" Who Does Denji End Up With? Explained

After The Events Of “Chainsaw Man” Who Does Denji End Up With? Explained

Chainsaw Man is mostly about crazy powers and violent fights, but there are a lot of characters with complicated relationships. Fans are interested in Denji’s relationships because he is the main character in this great anime series. They want to know who he ends up with in Chainsaw Man.

Considering how many times Denji’s relationships have gone wrong, Kobeni seems to be the most likely choice. But this is mostly because she is still alive and still has her memories. Some Chainsaw Man fans think that since the show is still going on, there might even be a new love interest.

Even though Chainsaw Man doesn’t have a lot of romance, there are hints about who this famous anime character might end up with in the future. Stay around to find out everything you need to know about Chainsaw Man’s love interests and who Denji is most likely to end up with by the end of the story.

The Romantic Interests Of Denji In Chainsaw Man

The Chainsaw Man series isn’t exactly a romantic anime, but the story does touch on Denji’s personal life and his desire for love. Since he was young, no one cared about him, and it’s clear that Denji wants to be accepted and loved, whether in a romantic way or not.

Denji might be a pretty simple guy, but in Chainsaw Man, he is seen as a “ladies’ man.” After Denji became Chainsaw Man, many young women in the Chainsaw Man universe started to notice and like him. This means that there are a lot of characters who could be his partner in the future.

Even so, some of these possible romantic partners have a lot more room to grow than others. Here is a list of all of Denji’s girlfriends in Chainsaw Man, with pictures from the Chainsaw Man Wiki and Anime Mentor.

Denji And Makima

Since a long time ago, Makima has been seen as Denji’s main love interest. He has even said that he wants to be a mindless dog to her. Makima may have been more of a way for Denji to deal with things because he didn’t want to be hurt by losing the things and people he loved, especially at Makima’s hands.

Denji always loves Makima, because she’s the only one who’s shown him affection even though he’s killed many of his best friends. In her strange way, Makima gave Denji everything he wanted, like a home, a job, and a family. The only thing she didn’t give him was real love.

But she always cared about Chainsaw Man and never cared much about Denji. This helped Denji kill Makima by eating her body, which was a key part of her defeat (which was technically becoming one with her instead of attacking her, thus bypassing the contract given by the Prime Minister of Japan).

But he still cares for her. Now he takes care of her dogs and Nayuta, the person who came back as her. Poche told Denji that the Control Devil’s dream was to have equal relationships with other people. After hearing this, Denji decided to raise Nayuta with love.

After The Events Of Chainsaw Man Who Does Denji End Up With Explained
After The Events Of Chainsaw Man Who Does Denji End Up With Explained

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Denji And Himeno

The mission of the Tokyo Special Division 4 to kill the Eternity Devil was the first time Denji and Himeno met. After that, they got to know each other in a very complicated way. Himeno said he would give Denji a French kiss if he beat the Eternity Devil. But it wasn’t as romantic as you might have thought, as you can see when the group goes to a bar to celebrate and get to know each other better. Himeno gets drunk and steals Denji’s first kiss, but she throws up during it.

So, many Chainsaw Man fans think that Himeno liked Aki and that she offered Denji her friends so that they could help each other find love. But sometimes things get heated between the two of them. She even invites Denji to her house to take the next step with her.

Even though Makima’s gift to Denji, a lollipop, fell, ruining the moment, we still don’t know if Denji would have accepted the invitation. In any case, the two never got to meet because Himeno died at the end of the show.

Denji And Power

Power and Denji started their journey together, and the more time they spent together, the closer they got. They were the best of friends, and Makima thought of her as Denji’s little sister.

After she was scared during the Darkness Devil arc, Denji bathed her, slept next to her, comforted her, and fed her. He turned down the chance to go on vacation with Makima. There were many chances to take things further, but the two have only shown that they get along like siblings.

But Power betrayed Denji by sacrificing him to the Bat Devil so that she could get back her pet cat. Makima killed her, which was a terrible shock for Denji because it was clear that he did love Power. Even if Power came back, it’s unlikely that the two of them would start dating.

Denji And Kobeni 

The Tokyo Special Division 4 team gave Denji and Kobeni the job of killing the Eternity Devil. Kobeni first tried to kill Denji to get out of the Eternity Devil’s trap. But Kobeni quickly started to feel bad after they beat the devil, so they decided to help Denji as much as they could.

But after a series of events that put Kobeni in danger more than once, she decided to quit her job as a demon hunter for public safety. Chainsaw Man forced Kobeni to be his temporary girlfriend, which put her in a pretty complicated situation. When Denji is in human form, he and Kobeni talk about their worries, so there are still a lot of questions about their status.

Denji and Reze

The first time they met, Reze had to invade Denji’s personal space in a phone booth because it was raining and Reze didn’t want to get wet. Reza wanted to have a casual coffee date with Denji, so she invited him to the caf√© where she works.

Denji agreed to her request because he thought she was nice and had nothing else to do. After that, they spent a lot of time together, got to know each other, and even talked about private things. Denji was very interested in Reze, and he was ready to leave everything behind and run away with her.

But, in a bad turn of events, Reze had a much more sinister plan up her sleeve, which makes that “classic romantic encounter” look a little strange now that you know more about it. Reze, who turned out to be the Bomb Devil, lured Denji into a trap and tried to kill him because she wants his hybrid heart. Makima then killed Reze.

Who Does Denji End Up With in Chainsaw Man?

When you think about how many times Denji’s relationships have gone wrong, Kobeni seems to be the most likely candidate. But this is mostly because she still has her memories and is still alive; there isn’t strong evidence that she is “the one.”

But some Chainsaw Man fans think there might be a new love interest coming, mostly in the form of a complicated arch-enemy. Asa just joined the group, and he hates Chainsaw Man with all his heart. Chainsaw Man’s rivalry has changed before, so some fans think that Asa could be the unexpected and plot-turning love interest we’ve been hoping for. Only time will tell.

As of right now, Denji isn’t with anyone, but he’s had a lot of one-night stands that didn’t work out too well. But the Chainsaw Man manga is still going on, so there’s still time for Denji to get the happy ending he’s always wanted and end up with a great Chainsaw Man character.

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