What Would Happen If Makima Fought Gojo?
What Would Happen If Makima Fought Gojo?

What Would Happen If Makima Fought Gojo?

Satoru Gojo is one of the strongest characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, and he can beat all of the known characters in his series. But how does he stack up against a character from a different universe? This is the point of this article, which compares Gojo and Chainsaw Man’s main bad guy in the first part, Makima. In this article, you’ll learn which character, Makima or Gojo, is stronger and who would win in a fight.

Makima would be easy for Satoru Gojo to beat. Even though Makima has a lot of different powers, the main idea is that she can control things that are weaker than her, and Gojo is much stronger than her in every way. Gojo’s job is to kill the Plagues, and Makima’s Control Devil could fit into that category, so Gojo wins this round.

Now that you know the short answer, the rest of the article will be broken up into three parts. The first two will tell you about the characters, their powers, and what they can do. In the end, we’ll give our final verdict and explain why we think Gojo would have an easy time beating Makima.

Makima And Her Powers

Makima is a mysterious woman who runs Public Safety Division 4, and she treats Denji like a pet. Makima is smart, sneaky, and manipulative. She controls Denji by playing on his feelings for her and promising him a relationship while threatening to kill him if he doesn’t follow her orders. Maxima’s goals and good intentions have been hard to figure out for a long time. She has shown many skills, which could be her default skills as a Control Devil or the skills of another Devil she controls.

Makima has shown that she can control any being she thinks is weaker than her. She can even force them to make a deal with her or another Devil. It seems that once the victim is under its control, they lose their memories. This skill works on both humans and Devils, as well as hybrids. She can use the power of her victims by connecting them to a circuit on her body and calling them to her.

She has shown that she can use the powers of the Angel Devil, the Future Devil, the Snake Devil, the Punishment Devil, and the Zombie Devil. Even dead people can be controlled in this way. Makima was able to put together a group of weapon hybrids, and three of them, Reze, Guanxi, and Katana Meng, were once her enemies but now liked her. This means that Makima can both directly control people and slowly change their personalities.

Makima is shown to kill her target with a force that can’t be seen. Makima needs the name of the target and a human sacrifice to use this technique. Makima makes a sign with her hands and tells the person who sees it to say the name of the target. Then, the victim dies, and the target is crushed, leaving only blood and the person’s clothes. People around her cover their eyes with a black cloth while she uses this power.

AD Makima has been shown to kill her targets by looking at them, which makes them look like they are crushed from the inside. She has also been shown to hurt people she points at with her index finger. This is powerful enough to kill Power instantly and send a super-powered Chainsaw Man into space. She has also been shown to kill her targets’ heads from close to mid-range with her sword. Like her ability to crush things, people around her cover their eyes with black cloth.

Makima has skills akin to the Darkness Devil and Gun Devil, but how she got them is unknown. Makima can transfer her voice by touching others’ heads, even if they’re dead. She uses it to command the Devils she’s contracted with.

Makima can control and use many rats for travel. These rats can form a human shape to carry Makima using her skills. Makima employs the hearing of rats, birds, and other smaller lifeforms to hear remote talks, virtually anywhere on the earth.

She could hear Denji and Reze and Kishibe and Guanxi. Nonverbal communication, like writing, can sidestep this skill. The Control Devil may make human contracts for a charge. Because she can manage others, she can force them to sign a contract. The Control Devil had a job contract with the Japanese Prime Minister. Due to her contract with the prime minister, any lethal injury to Makima becomes a random Japanese citizen’s disease.

She was shot in the back of the head but afterward stood up unharmed. She said she was shot, however, this is doubtful considering the placement of the rifle and the exit hole’s blood. Gun Devil shot her in the head later. Before the Gun Devil’s strike, she was slain 26 times.

As a Devil, the Control Devil must heal by drinking blood. She can regenerate an arm damaged by the Darkness Devil, but it’s unknown if this is due to her regenerative powers or her contract with the PM. The Control Devil respawns in Hell after death, making him immortal. She became Nayuta after being eaten by Denji.

What Would Happen If Makima Fought Gojo
What Would Happen If Makima Fought Gojo

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With His Abilities, Satoru Gojo Has Captivated

Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki are in Satoru Gojo’s first-year class at the Tokyo School of Magic. Despite being the greatest sorcerer, he’s a moron who disrespects his superiors.

Infinite Curse Technique is Gojo’s cursed Jujutsu. A Gojo Clan tactic. It has a sequence of shapes and grows in level based on these forms, allowing exact manipulation of space at the atomic level, yielding many results and following procedures. The approach manipulates space and has three conventional forms and one “non-standard” form that is unlimited. Physically strong, he excels in close combat, yet he prefers ranged assaults.

He can pull off limbs, exert force quickly, and fling opponents several meters with easy hits. His strength allows him to fight extraordinary curses without much issue, and his tremendous attacks can seriously injure his opponents. His greatest feat of speed was leaving a fight and returning before his opponent noticed he was gone.

With her extraordinary speed and reflexes, she can easily evade life-threatening situations. His speed and reactions are illogical when he’s enraged. He can move across space like he’s part of it.

Makima Vs. Satoru Gojo: Who Would Win?

And now, the analysis is the most important and interesting part of our article. Here, we’ll take what we’ve learned about these two characters and figure out how (or if) it would help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.

When you look at these two characters from a neutral point of view, this match-up was pretty easy. Makima is very strong, which can’t be argued, but the core of her powers is that she can only control things that are weaker than her. She can’t control anything stronger than her. Even though she has a lot of different powers and skills, Gojo is just too big for her to beat.

Satoru Gojo’s job was to get rid of the Plagues, and he was also the most powerful person in his universe. He has ridiculously too much power, but that fits him perfectly because he is not ridiculous. He is fast, strong, and has great powers he can use to beat even the strongest of his enemies. When you consider that the Chainsaw Man Devils are a lot like the Plague that Gojo got rid of, it’s clear that Makima wouldn’t have much of a chance against Gojo and would lose in the end.

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