Brevard County Sheriff Ivey Claims A "Accidental Shooting" Killed A Deputy.
Brevard County Sheriff Ivey Claims A "Accidental Shooting" Killed A Deputy.

Brevard County Sheriff Ivey Claims A “Accidental Shooting” Killed A Deputy

According to the statements made by Sheriff Wayne Ivey, Brevard County Cop Austin Walsh, who was 23 years old, was killed in a shooting mishap that was caused by his roommate, who was also a deputy. In a video statement that was uploaded on the Facebook page of the sheriff’s office on Sunday evening, Sheriff Ivey provided an update on the situation.

Walsh’s death was reportedly connected to a gunshot that took place in the 700 block of Damascus Avenue in the city’s southwest sector, according to the Palm Bay police department.

During his time off, off-duty Deputy Andrew Lawson called 911 early on Saturday morning to report that he had “accidentally shot his roommate and needed help,” according to Sheriff Ivey. The call was received by the Palm Bay Police Department.

Lawson reportedly told the police that the two guys had stopped “hanging around talking” while taking a break from playing an online game with some of their other buddies at the time of the incident. Lawson stated that he was in possession of a firearm that he thought was unloaded and that at some point during the conversation he “jokingly pointed the gun” at Walsh and pulled the trigger. Lawson also stated that he believed the firearm to be unloaded. According to the findings of the inquiry, Walsh was hit by a single bullet during the incident.

Brevard County Sheriff Ivey Claims A Accidental Shooting Killed A Deputy
Brevard County Sheriff Ivey Claims A Accidental Shooting Killed A Deputy

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“Andrew and Austin were the best of friends, and Andrew was completely heartbroken about what had occurred.” “Even with that, there is no excuse for this tragic and totally avoidable death, and as a result, earlier today, agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement took Andrew Lawson into custody on a no-bond warrant for manslaughter,” Ivey said. “The death of this person was completely avoidable.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports that Lawson turned himself in on Sunday. Ivey stated that Walsh had worked as a member of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office since the age of 18 after spending several years in the agency’s Explorers program. She added that the office was in mourning for him and that she had posted about it on Facebook on Saturday.

Ivey referred to Walsh as a cherished member of the organization’s family and asked the public to keep him, as well as his loved ones, the organization, and the community, in their thoughts and prayers. Walsh had been hospitalized with a serious illness.

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