Sister Wives Season 17
Sister Wives Season 17

Sister Wives Season 17: What Happened in Episode 8?

Sister Wives is an American reality television series broadcast on TLC. The show documents the life of a polygamist family including the father Kody Brown his four wives( Meri, Janelle Christine and Robyn) and their 18 children. Read about Sister Wives Season 17 below.

During the last season finale, Christine (Kody’s third wife) announced that she was ending their relationship. And it looks like this news is going to carry over into the next season. The series came back with its 17th season and judging by the trailer this season is nothing short of drama-packed.

Brown and his four wives have stated they participated in the show to make the public more aware of polygamist families and to combat societal prejudices. The family claims to be polygamists, by season 16 Kody Brown is seen living a monogamous lifestyle with his wife, Robyn.

Now is the time to read about Sister Wives Season 17. Sister Wives airs on TLC every Sunday at 10 pm ET.

What Happened in Episode 8 Of Sister Wives Season 17?

TLC’s reality show Sister Wives returns on October 30, 2022. Episode 8 of Sister Wives season 17 aired on TLC on Sunday, October 30 at 10 pm ET. Fans will also be able to watch the episode on TLC Go one day after the television premiere, i.e. on Monday, October 31.

Season 17 Episode 8 is called, “Hang on With Me”,  In TLC Sister Wives season 17 episode 8 as per the TLC, “Kody deals with the divorce fallout as Christine prepares to leave Flagstaff. Meri and Robyn will be seen being concerned about the family’s uncertain future.

We have the recap of episode 8 below. 

In Sister Wives episode 8, Kody comes over to get his things. He isn’t happy and he doesn’t have time to do it but he is dealing with it.

Kody told Christine during a tense moment that, “It’s true that I was not attracted to you when we got married”. “I don’t want to see you ever again,” Kody said. Christine revealed that being married to you was heartache for me and it’s been for till yet.

Christine said I’ve tried for so long, to be what you needed. But you are not with me. Then she said,” I am done with you”. Kody looks at the distraught Christine.

After many divorce discussions and arguments, Christine will finally pack Kody’s things from her house and load them into his car. She will also make plans with Kody on how to divide the assets equally. Meri and Robyn have a heart-to-heart about the future of the family, and Ysabel heads off to college.”

Kody felt that Christine was very unfair to him and had marginalized him in front of the kids. He also asked Christine to draw up a child custody agreement for the younger kids. Kody did not have a conversation with her about the divorce and just acknowledged that he knew about it.

Christine did not want to involve lawyers in the separation but was forced to do so by Kody.

Last week on Sister Wives, Christine’s youngest daughter Truly revealed that even though she was upset about her parent’s TLC divorce. She had noticed some signs that Christine was not happy with her marriage. Kody later went to Texas to attend and officiate his friend’s wedding.

Christine was hurt by this as Kody did not accompany her during her surgery but was now traveling to another state for a wedding. She wanted more time to adjust to the moving situation.

This week on Sister Wives, Meri and Robyn will discuss Kody. She will be seen confessing that when she married Kody she did not want a romantic relationship but a good father for her three kids.

Kody will reveal that he would probably not have done any work and played with others the whole day if that was the situation. Other than that Christine and Kody’s daughter Ysabel will head off to North Carolina to attend college.

Did you love the past season of Sister Wives? Did you watch Episode 8 of sister wives season 17? If not, go and watch episode 8 and tell us in the comments section below which is your favorite part of the episode.

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