A Local Of Midtown Manhattan Claims That The Shots They Heard At Dawn “Sounded Like Firecrackers”

Early on Sunday morning, officers from the Harrisburg Police Department responded to a neighborhood in Midtown after receiving a report that shots had been fired there.

At approximately 12:30 in the morning, police were called to the area bounded by North 3rd and Herr streets, as stated in the release. According to the police, when officers arrived at the scene, they discovered several shell casings that had already been fired.

According to the police, no one was hurt, and they noted that they were able to speak with a man who was attempting to flee the scene in a vehicle that had been struck multiple times by gunfire. The vehicle had been hit by multiple rounds of gunfire.

On Sunday afternoon, Jonas Hair, the director of operations of HMAC (Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center), stated in an interview with PennLive that the shooting occurred while hundreds of people were present inside. According to Hair, there was a large crowd that had gathered close to the District Bar & Lounge, which is located at 1014 North 3rd Street, before the shooting.

According to what Hair shared with them, “We knew that there was a crowd over there letting out and then all of a sudden shots started ringing out.” “Immediately after that, our security staff sprang into action. Everyone who was on our front porch and the second-story balcony was brought inside until we were certain that it was safe to go back outdoors.

He continued by saying, “It’s a very unfortunate thing that occurred, and it’s very frightening whenever something like that takes place.” No one at the District Bar & Lounge would answer any questions regarding what they saw or heard when they were approached on a Sunday afternoon. A nearby light pole was seen to have a piece of police tape wrapped around it.

A Local Of Midtown Manhattan Claims That The Shots They Heard At Dawn Sounded Like Firecrackers
A Local Of Midtown Manhattan Claims That The Shots They Heard At Dawn Sounded Like Firecrackers

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Michael Sharon, a resident of Harrisburg, said in an interview with PennLive that when he first heard the shots early on Sunday morning, he feared for the wellbeing of both his wife and his cat. When someone is firing so many shots in rapid succession, there is always the possibility of a stray bullet. “After that, my only thought was that I sincerely hope nobody was wounded,” Sharon explained.

“There is no doubt in my mind that I heard the gunshot. The first wave of sounds (several shots) sounded like firecrackers, but then there were a couple that was unmistakably gunshots. I spent 29 years in the military, including a tour in Iraq, and I also participate in recreational target shooting, so it’s safe to say I’m aware of the differences.

Sharon said Midtown is a great area and continues to grow. “But this kind of thing can set the neighborhood back,” he said. If you or anyone you know has any information regarding this event, please contact the Harrisburg Police Department at (717) 558-6900.

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