According To The Reports Who Is Sheree Whitfield’s Dating Partner Now?


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A relationship between Sheree Whitfield of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Martell Holt of Love & Marriage: Huntsville has been confirmed. It was reported that the two were spotted holding hands and strolling around Atlanta. Even after she confirmed the news with TMZ, many fans continued to speculate on their relationship status based on recent Instagram photos.

According To The Reports, She’s Dating Holt Martell

Andy Cohen asked the RHOA vet, “How would you describe your love life right now?” during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on July 17. Whitfield cracked a grin and said, “I’m dating.” I’ve been having a good time getting to know a certain someone.

Several Instagram photos show Whitfield hanging out with pastor and businessman Chris Fletcher and his wife. Fletcher is a close friend of Holt’s because he counseled Holt and Shari during their marriage. He has been on the OWN show several times. A minister from Alabama named Whitfield posted photos of himself and Whitfield and pictures of Whitfield with his girlfriend on the internet.

Who Is Sheree Whitfield's Dating Now (1)
Who Is Sheree Whitfield’s Dating Now (1)

It was also discovered that a fan had filmed Holt and Whitfield entering a public place together on their cellphone. They then went back to their car, with Holt letting Whitfield in through the passenger side.

When Whitfield posted a photo of flowers to her Instagram Story, many assumed that Holt had provided them. Queen N”ija’s “Bad Boy,” in which she allegedly sings about her close relationship with a bad boy, was included in the story, as reported by Urban Belle Mag. Whitfield titled his photo with the words “Love our c”nnection.

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Who Is Sheree Whitfield's Dating Now (1)
Who Is Sheree Whitfield’s Dating Now (1)

Whitfield Officiating She Claims To Be Dating Holt

She confirmed the relationship to TMZ and the website also published additional photos and videos of the couple spending time together. Whitfield asserted that they had a mutual acquaintance who had introduced “He’s them.”

He’s met, He’sriends. He’s met a few people in “my family,” and she’s told him that they’re “what they’re doing” and “I don’t know them.” We are aware of it. We’ve been just hangin’ out. And right now I’m having the time of my life.” According to Shhe’sso, he’s been assisting her with She is a song by Sheree.

Who Is Sheree Whitfield's Dating Now (1)
Who Is Sheree Whitfield’s Dating Now (1)

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