is aaron rodgers dating
is aaron rodgers dating

Is Aaron Rodgers Dating? His Dating History With Complete Timeline!

Aaron Rodgers got engaged to actress Shailene Woodley in February, which seemed to come out of nowhere. On February 6, during the 10th annual “NFL Honors” show on CBS, the Green Bay Packers quarterback didn’t even say the name of his “fiancée.”

He just said: “2020 was a crazy year with a lot of change, growth, and some amazing, memorable moments. I had my nose hairs scraped for 180 days straight and played for very few fans. I got engaged and played some of the best football of my career.”

Fans already knew that Rodgers and Woodley were dating, but they had only been together for about a week. “They have kept things quiet and out of the public eye,” an E! source said. “They have met and talked to each other. They still talk to each other and get together when they can. They both work hard at their jobs but still make time for each other.”

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon later that month, Woodley confirmed that she was getting married. Woodley told Jimmy Fallon, “Yes, we are engaged.” “But we already knew that you know? So it’s funny in a way. Everyone is crazy about it, but we’re like, “Yeah, we’ve been engaged for a while.”

Okay, so how long have they been together if they had been engaged for “a while” at that Fallon interview? All of us have been in quarantine for too long. When did this take place?!

Here’s what’s going on.

April 2020

April 2020: In an interview with Bustle, Woodley spoke openly about her love life and why she and rugby player Ben Volavola broke up.
“I was dating someone, and we were very close to getting married and having kids,” she said. “I realized that I wasn’t old enough to commit yet fully. I couldn’t help him as much as I would have liked to. I didn’t love myself enough.”

Bustle said that Woodley was quarantined alone in a cabin in the woods at the time while “trying to get rid of her codependent ways. She’s fine with laying on the floor and crying sometimes.”

is Aaron Rodgers dating

September 2020

Rodgers talked about the changes in his life on The Pat McAfee Show. He didn’t exactly say that he was in a new relationship, but he did say many things that a happy person in a new relationship might say.

“I just love life more than I did before, and I’ve made decisions, changed things, and formed habits that have made me feel a lot better,” he said. “Over the last few months, many great things have happened in my life that has reminded me to look at life and football through the most positive lens I can.”

August 2022

America, we have bad news for you. Aaron Rodgers and actress Shailene Woodley have finally broken up after months of wondering if they would or wouldn’t. It’s a bad day for love, but as the band Semisonic once sang, every new beginning comes from the end of another one, and from what I can tell, the Green Bay Packers quarterback is already back on his feet.

Reports came out late on Tuesday that Rodgers, who had just won big at Match VI, had found a new girlfriend and, most importantly, that her name was [drum roll] Blu of Earth.

Not Earth Blue. Blu of the Earth is not it. Just Earth Blue. She thinks of herself as a witch, a healer, and, um, a podcaster. We like to think that the fact that she plays acoustic guitar is how she got Rodgers’ attention in the first place. “Wonderwall” is a jam, no matter what you say.

Is Blu of Earth the “doctor” who gave Rodgers an “immunization” against COVID-19? Is she the thing that will help him fly to a new level of being and maybe, just maybe, get over the NFC Championship hump? For now, none of these questions have answers, but what is love if not a mystery?

What Does Aaron Rodgers’ New Girlfriend Do For A Living?

Blu calls herself an artist who lives a spiritual life on her official Instagram page. Blu’s social media page gives a glimpse into her mind and shows what a great person she is. She also loves yoga, deep thinking, body painting, environmental care, and playing acoustic guitars.

Another interesting fact is that Rodgers and Blu both follow each other on social media, which adds to the rumors that they are dating. Blu recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend, which suggests that she and he might be getting back together.

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Even though people are still talking about Rodgers’ personal life, he is now focusing on the next season. After winning the MVP award the last two years in a row, the Packers QB will try to win another Super Bowl. Even though they lost some key players, he seems sure the team will have another successful season in 2022.

Final Lines

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