who is saweetie dating
who is saweetie dating

Who Is Saweetie Dating Right Now? Does Saweetie Have A Husband?

Saweetie and Quavo broke up after three years of dating, which was a big surprise on Friday, March 19. The Icy Girl and her ex-Glacier Boy started dating in 2018, and things seemed to be going well until they broke up out of the blue.

Since then, her fans have wondered how her relationship is going and if the Top In singer has found a new boyfriend. So, who does the Bay Area rapper date, and who does she date before and after the Migos star? Saweetie, whose real name is Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, has been in relationships with several well-known people.

Who Is Saweetie?

Saweetie is the stage name of an American rapper named Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper. He began making music when he was 13 years old.

Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper was born on July 2, 1993, in Santa Clara, California. He is the son of Trinidad Valentin, who is Filipino and Chinese, and Johnny Harper, who is African-American.

After her first single, “Icy Girl,” came out in 2018, she was signed to the Warner Records subsidiary Artistry Worldwide, run by her former manager, Max Gousse. High Maintenance, Saweetie’s first extended play, came out in 2018. Her second EP, Icy, came out in March 2019, and the single “My Type” from it made the top 40.

Pretty Bitch Music, her first album, is set to come out in 2022. The singles “Tap In” and “Best Friend” (with Doja Cat) both reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 before the album came out. In 2021, she was nominated—Zed for two Grammys. One of the nominations was for Best New Artist.

What Was Saweetie’s Reason For Going To College?

She received her diploma from Monterey Trail High School in Elk Grove after completing her studies at Merrill F. West High School in Tracy.

After graduating high school, she began her higher education at San Diego State University, majoring in communications and business. She later moved to the University of Southern California, where she finished her education and earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in communications. After she received her diploma, she immediately started concentrating on her rap career.

She managed to keep several occupations going while she was a student at the university. She also had jobs at the Marshall school and a sports bar to supplement her income from her T-shirt line, “Money Makin’ Mamis.” In addition, she invested a lot of time into the research initiatives. In February of 2022, Saweetie paid a return to her old mater to give a presentation on entrepreneurship.

Who Has Saweetie Dated In The Past?

Saweetie, a famous rapper, does not appear to be dating anyone at the time. She is single and does not have a boyfriend at this time. To this point, there is no evidence to suggest that she is involved with anyone romantically. When Saweetie and Quavo ended their relationship, she rushed to Twitter to declare that she is now a single woman, if you recall.

Quavo was the ex-boyfriend. “I’m single. “I’ve suffered through too much treachery and hurt behind the scenes for a false story to be circulating that undermines my reputation,” she wrote. “I’ve endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes.” “Gifts don’t band-aid scars, and the love isn’t real when it’s given to other women to have intimate relations with,” she said.

who is saweetie dating
Who is sweetie dating

On November 25, 2021, internet speculation arose that rapper Lil Baby was seeing Saweetie. An internet photo of Saweetie sitting on the lap of an unidentified man caused a social media craze. After rumors spread that a man had spent $100,000 on Lil Baby during a shopping spree, fans began alleging that the man in question was Lil Baby. On Twitter, though, Lil Baby dispelled the rumors, saying, “Baby not dating NO ONE!! I’m currently in the absence of a significant other.”

Once Snowfall star Damson Idris posted a video of Saweetie playing the piano on his Instagram Story in November 2021, rumors again swirled about her romantic life. Sweetie My Teacher, Damson dubbed his professor. Fans assumed they were dating after seeing the video, but neither actor has spoken publicly about their relationship status.

Saweetie’s flirtatious behavior with fellow rapper Jack Harlow at the BET Awards 2021 has fueled romantic speculation about the two. While Saweetie was interviewed on the red carpet, Harlow walked up to her, shook her hand, and introduced himself. Was Jack aiming for the Bay Area babe’s head? Saweetie and Roddy Ricch allegedly had a one-night stand in October of 2021.


Sometime in July of 2021, Jackboy and Saweetie crossed paths. The actor Saweetie dated actor Michael B. Jordan from November 2017 to January 2018.

In the summer of 2016, when Saweetie was still enrolled at the University of Southern California, rumors spread that she was dating Justin Combs, the son of music tycoon Diddy. Neither party has ever explained why they broke up, and it’s unknown how long they dated. But it has been said that Justin dumped the rapper for another female named Aaleeyah Petty.

Saweetie dated American actor Keith Powers for four years before they broke up in 2014. Powers is noted for his appearances as Ronnie DeVoe in “The New Edition Story” and Tyree in “Straight Outta Compton.” Powers then started dating the famous singer and actress Ryan Destiny. They started dating each other in 2017.

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