Why Did Nick And Daniel Separate? Before The Reunion Show, The Couple From Love Is Blind Break Up!


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Fans of the Netflix show Love is Blind are upset that none of the couples from season 2 are still together. But there was one couple whose breakup shocked people the most. As a reminder, 29-year-old Danielle Ruhl and 36-year-old Nick Thompson met on the second season of the dating show, where people get to know each other in separate pods and get engaged before meeting face-to-face.

Back in March, they were seen together at the Love is Blind reunion, which made fans think they were still together a few months later. This week, Netflix released Love is Blind’s three special episodes: After the Altar, a “catch-up” episode showed where the couples are now.

On August 21, just a few days before the first trailer for After the Altar premiered, the news that Danielle and Nick were getting a divorce spread over the internet, which caused a great deal of disappointment among many fans.

In particular, Us Weekly (opens in new tab) reported that Danielle filed for divorce from Nick not long after the couple celebrated their one wedding anniversary this past June. This event occurred after the two recorded the episodes of After the Altar.

It should be made clear that even though Nick and Danielle are seen to be together in the recently shown episodes of Love is Blind: After the Altar, the couple ended their relationship around a month or so ago, after filming had already taken place.

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Why Did Nick And Danielle Divorce


Neither Nick nor Danielle has addressed why they decided to end their marriage in a public statement. Even though she posts photographs of herself laughing and having a good time with her friends, Danielle reportedly has “been battling behind the scenes,” according to Us Weekly.

Fans paid particular attention to her conduct, and many noted that the Netflix star appeared cheerful despite the love mistake. Danielle responded to her detractors in a series of posts across several social media platforms.

In a video posted to her Instagram Story, Danielle expressed her amusement at the question often posed: “How are you so happy?” “Would you rather have me broadcast an Instagram Live video of me crying for eight hours straight because I can do that if you want [me] too! That is the truth for me.”

Danielle wrote the following in another Instagram Story post: “If you would rather have me sit here posting Stories, sobbing, I could easily do that.” I devote most of my day to working on this project. However, I do so frequently shed tears. I am prone to crying. I cry both when I’m happy and when I’m unhappy. I can’t help it. However, who would want to see that? You can do it!

Why Did Nick And Danielle Divorce (2)
Why Did Nick And Danielle Divorce

When considered in conjunction with Danielle’s most recent statements, the news that the pair have broken up makes one feel an even more profound sense of loss. “I can’t wait to have kids so they can humiliate the living daylights out of Nick and them. “Like, I can’t wait,” Danielle expressed her excitement to Us Weekly during the previous summer.

“However, given how quickly we were married, there is no chance of that happening within the next two years.” Perhaps after that, but for the time being, we want to concentrate on getting to know one another better. The reality TV personality from Netflix even discussed the possibility of a second wedding ceremony in July this year.

“We want to arrange a reception to make sure that all of our family can be at either our two- or third anniversary,” she told Us Weekly. “At either our two- or third anniversary.” “Like, I’ve always dreamed of my dream wedding, wedding planning, and a bachelorette party. Like,” she said, “I’m getting married.” As a result, we are recreating everything from scratch. To put it simply, whenever we have the opportunity.”

When the show’s third season, which will consist of a total of 10 episodes and will debut on Netflix on October 19, audience members will be forced to rely on a wave of new potential couples to rekindle their trust in the Love is Blind process.

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