How to Increase your Instagram Engagement Rate Quickly

How to Increase your Instagram Engagement Rate Quickly

The social media landscape revolves around Instagram, the best platform for influencers and brands. Every year more and more people join the application to engage with brands and other people. Moreover, the platform is becoming more customer-oriented and launching features to help brands and the influencer community. Most brands buy Instagram followers and marketing services to bring in more traffic and tap into new audiences. The following article will detail some more tips and tricks that you can utilize to pick up your engagement rate quickly. So, let us get started right into it and try to get more useful traction for your social media profiles!

Partner With other Brands and Influencers

Instagram’s newly launched Collab feature is targeted toward brands and influencers looking for mutually profitable partnerships. The feature helps maximize the impact of collaborations, share the post on the feeds of the involved people, and reach both of their audiences. Previously, the collaborators had to upload the content on their feeds and tag the other. However, the current feature requires only one individual to post it and the other to accept the collaboration request. Thus, the collab feature makes the partnership look more legit and seamless, and features the same number of likes and comments. You could also approach influencers in the same industry for creating collaboration content. You can also try to boost engagement using the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Use Memes to Become More Relatable

Memes are perfect for sharing creative and hilarious takes on relatable situations and pain points. The key to growing on social media is by being relatable. For example, a skincare brand could post memes about the conflict when one wants smooth skin but does not want to spend 30 minutes a day on it. You can look at Netflix’s posts and see that the brand is very much into meme marketing. Meme posts have higher chances of being shared, meaning that they can increase your engagement rate quickly. You can also buy Instagram followers, likes, and shares to help boost your content initially.

Post Carousels Instead of Single Pictures

It is often difficult to tell a story using a single picture, but surely up to 10 pictures are enough? Carousels allow you to post multiple pictures, videos, or text banners, forming a series. Instagram’s added features show that video content is the most preferred and helps increase Instagram engagement, but you should never ignore the effects of Instagram Post Carousels. Another advantage of posting carousels is that if your followers have not interacted with your post at first, they will be shown your post again but from the second slide. You can get tips from social media experts at the best sites to buy Instagram followers and build a fool-proof social media strategy. Another tip is to make sure that your posts contain visual aids to help get the point across effectively.

Appreciate and Post User-Generated Content

Showcasing your brand’s legitimacy will help win more customers and boost traffic conversion. There are several businesses on Instagram, but when it comes to choosing one over the other, people search for reviews and customer testimonials for clarity. These organic content types also look more natural and are more valuable in terms of gaining engagement. When you compare advertisements to user-generated content, it is clear that UGCs are more effective and creative. Some brands launch ambassador programs where influencers need to shoot creative content and post it on their social media profiles to endorse the brand. You could buy Instagram followers to get a larger audience and more chances for user-generated content.

Post At the Times of the Highest Engagement

Like demography, knowing the time when your audience is the most active can help maximize the overall engagement. Instagram is highly dynamic and your post could disappear in the flood of all the content. According to several statistics, lunch breaks and early mornings are the best time to post on the weekdays, whereas noon and evening are the best for weekends. However, your account’s optimal posting time could differ based on the demographics and lifestyle preferences. The best way to know the optimal time to post is by checking your account’s insights.


Social media is a platform that continuously changes and growing on it might be difficult, but is never impossible. These expert tips will help you bring instagram engagement you deserve and require little to no effort. We hope the article helped you understand the workings of social media and helps you grow your following quickly!


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