Kara Santorelli Cause of Death

What Was TikTok Star Kara Santorelli Cause of De@th?

A few days after bragging on TikTok that she had never been in an accident, a high school senior lost her life when a driver slammed into her automobile head-on.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 18-year-old Kara Santorelli was driving down Highway 29 in Escambia County, Florida, when a Chevy sedan slammed into her Nissan SUV while traveling the wrong way.

Santorelli, a resident of Molino, perished in the collision, and the other driver, whose identity has not yet been released, also died after being stuck in their car.

Santorelli’s haughty TikTok, published six days before the fatal accident on March 17 and had more than 15 million views, has gone viral.

In the video, the teen touts her safety record as she poses inside her vehicle with the caption: “When they try call me a bad driver but I’ve never hit a person or an actual car.”

According to her obituary, Santorelli was active on TikTok and frequently posted films with her closest friends.

She also cherished time with her family on the water and at the beach.

Santorelli’s aunt, Gina Southard, said her family was heartbroken following the accident, writing on Facebook: “A little piece of my heart died today when I found out my niece went to heaven. I love your beautiful soul Kara!”

Kara Santorelli Cause of Death

In several posts, Santorelli’s mother, Lacey McLaughlin, wrote: “I love you Kara. God blessed me with you.”

Santorelli was scheduled to graduate from Northview High School, and administrators there expressed sorrow over his passing.

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“We hold tight to beautiful memories that she had left with us. Her beautiful smile and kind spirit will continue to be in the hearts of her friends and classmates,” the school said in a statement.

Santorelli worked at Jimmy’s Restaurant, which mirrored the comments and stated that Santorelli’s smile always made customers’ and coworkers’ days.

“If you didn’t know Kara you missed out on knowing a very special person and it’s a void in our hearts,” the restaurant said in a Facebook post. “We will always remember you and know that you can put a smile on everyone’s face even through the rough times!”

Last Saturday, a memorial service for Santorelli was held at Pensacola Beach.

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