Uzaki Chan Chapter 80 Manga Release Date Status, Spoilers, & Read Manga Online

Fans have been talking about Uzaki Chan Chapter 80. In particular, they’re smitten by the on-screen chemistry between the show’s central characters. It is expected to happen in 2022. No formal date has been set for Chapter 80.

Uzaki Chan wa Asobitai is a slice-of-life, love story, and humor manga from Japan. It’s all Take’s work, from the plot to the illustrations. Fujimi Shobo publishes all seven volumes of the series. It premiered on December 1st, 2017, and is still going strong. ENGI produced an anime version of the series, which will air from July through September of this year. Season 2 is currently under production and is expected to premiere in 2022.

Uzaki Chan Chapter 80: Release Date

The announcement of the anime’s second season has clearly elicited a great deal of excitement among fans of the series. It is slated to take place in 2022. There has been no formal announcement of a release date for Chapter 80.

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Uzaki Chan Chapter 80: Spoilers

In the final episode of Season 1, we saw Shinichi being timid and saying that he wants to hang out with Uzaki all of the time and that he wants them to be together all of the time. The not-so-subtle blush that appeared on Uzaki’s cheeks indicated that Uzaki had a soft spot for Shinichi as well. Despite the fact that the confession had a more comic element, viewers appear to be overly excited for season 2.

Uzaki Chan Chapter 80: Cast And Characters

Uzaki Chan Chapter 80

  • In spite of her diminutive stature, Hana Uzaki is a cheerful and upbeat young lady. She’s a social butterfly who enjoys a good time. I can see why she started hanging out with Shinichi despite his desire to remain alone.
  • As a result of Shinichi’s athletic build and strong work ethic, he is well-liked at the cafe he works at. His demure demeanor is daunting and frightening to women, so they avoid him. Hana, on the other hand!
  • A friend of Hana and Shinichi, Ami Asai works at her father’s cafe and is a regular customer. As time goes on, she sees how their bond grows.
  •  Itsuhito Sakaki, Itsuhito is Shinichi’s friend who is well-liked by girls, talented in sports, and who watches with interest as his friend’s relationship with Hana develops into something deeper.
  • He is the father of Amis’s daughter, who is looking over Hana and Sakurai’s relationship together with his daughter.
  • Hana’s mother is Tsuki Uzaki. When she sees him for the first time, she figures he likes her daughter.

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Where can we access the manga on the internet?

Funimation and Amazon both have this manga available for purchase or for reading online. Watching on shady websites is not something we recommend.

Highlights from the 80th chapter of Uzaki Chan

Uzaki Chan Chapter 80

It isn’t until Hana sees Shinichi again in college that she realizes the extent to which his quiet demeanor and loner lifestyle had influenced him during his high school years. Shinichi becomes irritated when Hana begins to accompany him everywhere he goes, placing him at the center of embarrassment and facepalming. Hana’s pranks prove to be never-ending; nonetheless, Shinichi doesn’t know what else to do but to put up with her ridiculous behavior in order to have fun. Soon enough, their joyous times transform into something much more wonderful than they could have imagined.

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