Quanzhi Gaoshou Season 2 (Release Date, Plot, Casts) – Renewed or Cancelled?


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After a slew of disappointments surrounding the airing date for the long-awaited comeback of the anime series Quanzhi Gaoshou Season 2, we have now received confirmation from reliable sources that Season 2 will premiere in the fall of 2018. The information on my news page regarding the series has been cut and modified to the point that it is hardly unintelligible.

Season 2 of The Kings Avatar Quan Zhi Gao Shou will premiere in mainland China on September 25, 2020, according to the most recent rumor (and, to put you out of your agony, it’s absolutely believable this time), according to the most recent rumor.

Season two of The King’s Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou) will premiere on Tencent Video on September 25, 2020, according to an announcement made on the official Weibo account for the show. Furthermore, they have stated that it will be just 12 episodes in length, which is disappointing because many of us were expecting something a bit more significant in terms of duration.

Perhaps the clearest evidence is in the trailer itself; it may not be as evident to westerners who do not know Chinese, but it can be found at the conclusion of the film if you look closely at it.

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Quan Zhi Gao Shou – Overview of Season 2

As part of the Excellent Dynasty guild, Ye Xiu departed to build the Happy Guild on the 10th Server, which he and Chen Guo joined in Season One. Ye Xiu has continued to devote all of his time to Glory, while Chen Guo administers the guild and works to improve the team’s reputation in preparation for Ye Xiu’s future return to the professional Glory gaming scene. Chen Guo has been a member of the guild since its inception.

Even as Chen Guo and Ye Xiu continue to garner greater recognition on the 10th server, Ye Xiu (who is still referred to as Lord Doom) recognizes that he must recruit fresh and skilled players as soon as possible in order to maintain his position in the competitive scene.Quanzhi Gaoshou Season 2

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Will We Be Able To See Season 2 On Youtube?

Tencent Video has made the first season of the animated series available on YouTube for some of the series’ fans who live outside of China’s borders (excluding some countries in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and India). However, G.CMay Animation (the company in charge of the series’ animation and production) is unsure if Tencent Video would publish the second season on YouTube or not.

The only thing we can do now is to wait and see who comes to pick it up. Netflix took up the live-action program pretty shortly after it was first broadcasted, and we were quite pleased with their decision. I’m not convinced YouTube will be as fast to respond as it was in the past.

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Quan Zhi Gao Shou Season 2 Trailer

Prequel film Quan Zhi Gao Shou: For the Glory, which was released in 2019, has not been viewed by many fans in the western world, despite its popularity in China. We don’t think that not having watched the film will be a major hindrance to enjoying the second season as much as the first.

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