Rep. George Santos Says He Will Resign If 142,000 People Ask Him To
Rep. George Santos Says He Will Resign If 142,000 People Ask Him To

Rep. George Santos Says He Will Resign If 142,000 People Ask Him To

Rep. George Santos, R-New York, stated on Thursday that he would resign from Congress if an oddly specific number of people asked him to do so. This announcement came in the midst of growing calls from fellow Republicans for him to resign from Congress over the numerous lies he told about his biography.

In front of the press gathered outside his office on Capitol Hill, Santos stated, “If 142 people ask for me to quit, I’ll retire.” Santos later explained that when he said “more than 142,000 people,” he was actually referring to the people who voted in November to elect him as the representative for New York’s Third Congressional District.

Santos stated that he would continue to serve in Congress “until the same 142,000 people tell me they don’t want me” during an interview with Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, who was filling in as a guest presenter for Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast at the time.

After Republican lawmakers in his home district on Long Island convened a press conference to call formally for his expulsion, Santos remained defiant on Wednesday and refused to resign from his position as a result of the event.

Joseph Cairo, chairman of the Nassau County Republican Committee, made these statements to the press: “His campaign from the previous year was a campaign of deceit, falsehoods, and fabrication.” “His lies were more than just harmless white lies.

Cairo went on to say, “He has brought shame upon the House of Representatives, and we do not consider him to be one of our congresspeople.” I am making this request today on behalf of the Nassau County Republican Committee. I am requesting that he resign from his position immediately.

A report that was published by The New York Times the previous month suggested that Santos had lied to voters about his college graduation, his criminal and employment history, his family-owned business, his animal rescue charity, and his relationship with four victims of the shooting that took place at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2016.

According to the report from the Times, there are also concerns regarding his decision to lend more than 700,000 dollars to his campaign during the midterm elections. Subsequently, a study was written and published in The Forward, a Jewish journal based in New York City. This research suggested that Santos had misled voters about having Jewish ancestry.

Rep. George Santos Says He Will Resign If 142,000 People Ask Him To
Rep. George Santos Says He Will Resign If 142,000 People Ask Him To

Supervisor Jen DeSena of North Hempstead, New York, stated that the number of lies that George Santos had told was “too numerous to list.” “When he sought my endorsement, he lied to me personally, and while I’m upset and horrified by his lying, my real concern is for the people who live in the Third Congressional District.

The next part of DeSena’s statement was as follows: “He has abused the public’s confidence and offered disingenuous, flippant, and contemptuous replies when asked valid questions regarding his finances and his background.” According to all available evidence, he appears unable and unwilling to accept full responsibility for the lies and fabrications he has perpetrated.

According to DeSena, there is “absolutely no way” that Mr. Santos can be an effective member of Congress and represent the people who elected him. “There’s absolutely no way” “The people who live in the Third Congressional District will continue to endure hardships for as long as he continues to serve in this position,” Since his arrival on Capitol Hill a week ago, Santos has been subjected to a barrage of inquiries from congressional reporters regarding the issue.

On Wednesday afternoon, Santos sent out a tweet in which he stated, “I was elected to represent the people of #NY03, not the party and politicians.” “It saddens me to learn that local politicians are unwilling to collaborate with my office to produce outcomes that will keep our town safe and reduce the cost of living, but I will not waiver in my commitment to accomplishing this goal. I will NOT give up my position!”

Reps. Dan Goldman and Ritchie Torres, both Democrats from New York, have filed a complaint with the House Ethics Committee against Santos, claiming that the disgraced freshman member is guilty of committing a felony and ought to be expelled from Congress. The complaint was filed earlier this week.

Hakeem Jeffries, the leader of the House Minority, stated on Thursday that House Republicans need to address the situation with Santos. Jeffries is quoted as saying that “the spectacle of George Santos speaks for itself.” “He is a total con artist,” said one person.

Jeffries made reference to the many criminal investigations that Santos is being investigated for in the United States and Brazil. In Brazil, he was charged with and apparently confessed to taking the checkbook of a guy whose care his mother was providing for.

Jeffries made it clear that “this is not a party issue.” “However, this is a problem that needs to be handled by Republicans. Get your House in Order!” However, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, is not going to join the other members of his caucus in calling for Santos to step down from his position.

McCarthy said that George Santos had won the election thanks to the support of the voters. “He will go via [the Ethics Committee] if there is a concern,” the statement read. In the event that something is discovered, he will be handled in the manner described above. However, they do have a say in the process that is going on.”

McCarthy stated that Santos will receive committee assignments notwithstanding the ongoing issue that has arisen as a result of his string of fabrications, but that these assignments would not be of a high-profile kind. McCarthy stated, “He has a long way to go before he can gain our trust.” “However, there is one thing I am aware of, and that is that you adhere to the Constitution in an impartial manner.”

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