7 People Have Died In Alabama And Georgia Because Of Tornadoes And Severe Storms: Updates
7 People Have Died In Alabama And Georgia Because Of Tornadoes And Severe Storms: Updates

7 People Have Died In Alabama And Georgia Because Of Tornadoes And Severe Storms: Updates

As tornadoes and extreme weather moved through the Southeast U.S. on Thursday, at least seven people were killed, many more were hurt, and a lot of damage was reported. At least six people were killed by a string of tornadoes and storms that hit central Alabama. During a bad storm in Georgia, a tree fell on a car and killed one of the people inside.

Until Thursday evening, there were tornado watches in several states. As of Thursday evening, the National Weather Service had received 33 reports of tornadoes across the country. These reports had not yet been confirmed, and some of them could be reclassified as wind damage in the days to come.

The historic city of Selma, Alabama, and the areas around it saw some of the worst damage from what the National Weather Service called a “large and extremely dangerous tornado.” Homes were destroyed and trees were uprooted. California is going through a series of atmospheric river storms that have killed at least 18 people and caused over $1 billion in damage so far. The storm system is coming at the same time.

Many Alabama Residents Are Trapped In An Apartment Complex After A Tornado

Thursday, tornadoes and strong winds caused damage all over the south. In central Alabama, there were houses without roofs and trees that had been uprooted. About 40 homes were damaged or destroyed by a tornado that went through two rural communities in Autauga County, about 41 miles northeast of Selma. The tornado cut a 20-mile path through the two communities.

Baggett told The Associated Press that at least 12 people were hurt and that several mobile homes were thrown into the air. In Selma, Alabama, a tornado tore through the downtown area, knocking down buildings, flipping cars, and breaking power lines. Officials say that a storm in Georgia may have caused a freight train to go off the tracks in Butts County, which is about 53 miles southeast of Atlanta.

Officials said that several people were stuck in an apartment complex after trees fell on it in Griffin, a city about 38 miles south of Atlanta. There was also damage to a high school and a shopping area. From 10 p.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Friday, people in Griffin had to stay inside.

After A Storm In Georgia, One Person Died And Train Cars Derailed

Butts County Coroner Lacey Prue says that a person in the passenger seat of a car was killed when a tree fell on it during a possible tornado in Jackson, Georgia. In another part of the county, the storm seemed to have pushed a freight train off its tracks, which blocked intersections. Officials in Butts County said that three cars of the train got off track.

Officials said, “Please understand that we can’t move the train.” The damage caused by the storm was shown on social media through photos and videos posted by local officials. One video posted by Deputy County Manager J. Michael Brewer showed water pouring into a large warehouse owned by Master Brand Cabinets after the metal roof had been torn off. On Friday, there will be no school in Butts County.

7 People Have Died In Alabama And Georgia Because Of Tornadoes And Severe Storms: Updates
7 People Have Died In Alabama And Georgia Because Of Tornadoes And Severe Storms: Updates

When A Tornado Hits Autauga County In Alabama, It Kills 6 People

Several tornadoes were reported in central Alabama on Thursday, but at least six people were killed in Autauga County by a twister that was confirmed. The confirmed tornado caused damage in the counties of Dallas and Autauga.

David Hill, the sheriff of Autauga County, said that the six people who were killed have not yet been named. They were killed about 40 miles northeast of Selma in Autauga County. Hill said that one of the people who died was an adult man from the Old Kingston area. After the tornado, officials said that many people were stuck in their homes and that at least 12 people could not be found. On Thursday, rescue efforts were underway.

Ernie Baggett, who is in charge of emergency management in Autauga County, says that 40 to 50 homes were damaged or destroyed by storms that cut a strip through the county. He said that at least 12 people were badly hurt and were taken to hospitals by emergency workers. He also said that crews were busy cutting through downed trees to look for people who might be hurt.

Alabama And Georgia Both Had Power Outages

According to the tracker PowerOutage.us, as of 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, more than 36,000 customers were without power in the state of Alabama, and more than 76,000 were in the dark in the state of Georgia. In both Tennessee and North Carolina, there were an additional 14,000 people without access to electricity.

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