Another Republican In The House Wants George Santos To Resign Immediately

On Thursday, Representative Max Miller (R-Ohio) joined a tiny group of other House Republicans who have asked the scandal-plagued congressman to move down by calling for Representative George Santos (R-N.Y.) to retire from his position.

Miller is quoted in a statement as saying, “I think people have the right to hold government officials to the absolute highest standard of honesty and trustworthiness,” which was first reported by “The representatives of the public have a responsibility to respect the demand for openness and candor with the American people. It is unacceptable to make things up or lie to advance one’s political career.

The recent findings that the freshman congressman lied about a significant portion of his resume while out campaigning, as well as the development of additional issues regarding his financial situation, have led to calls for Santos to resign from his position. Santos is currently the subject of various investigations for possible violations of ethical and campaign funding laws.

After the local Nassau County GOP chairman made a similar request, five more first-term Republican lawmakers from New York — Representatives Anthony D’Esposito, Nick Langworthy, Nick LaLota, Brandon Williams, and Mike Lawler – pushed Santos to quit on Wednesday. These members are from New York.

Lawler stated in a statement that it was obvious that George Santos had lost the confidence and support of his party, his constituents, and his colleagues. “It is apparent that George Santos has lost the confidence and support of his party,” Lawler said.

Another Republican In The House Wants George Santos To Resign Immediately
Another Republican In The House Wants George Santos To Resign Immediately

“In light of the breadth and gravity of the allegations leveled against him, his inability to accept full responsibility for his behavior, and the multiple investigations that are currently underway, I believe that he is unable to carry out his responsibilities and that he ought to resign from his position.” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-South Carolina) is the only politician who is not a freshman to have called on Santos to resign at this time.

Despite the response, Santos has pledged not to resign, and it appears like Speaker Kevin McCarthy is on his side in this matter (R-Calif.). “He won the election thanks to the support of the citizens in his area. He is currently seated. McCarthy told reporters on Thursday that the individual is a member of the Republican conference, as reported by CNN.

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