Lengthy Public Hearings of Capitol Hill Riots Expected To Begin in 2022

Lengthy Public Hearings of Capitol Hill Riots Expected To Begin in 2022

The committee responsible for investigating the chaotic Capitol Hill riots which took place on January 06, earlier this year plans to hold detailed public hearings “in vivid color” at 2 locations. The locations shall be, at the Capitol and in the White House as shared by Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., on Thursday.

Liz Cheney, who serves as the Vice-Chair of the select committee who also happens to be a republican, revealed that the members of the committee seek to hold “multiple weeks of public hearings” in early 2022, which is already a very significant time for both the parties with the upcoming midterm elections.

The GOP will put forward its best foot to change the course of the tide in its favor, and it would have far-reaching consequences, especially it would help them reacquire the majority in at least one chamber of the congress.

The hearings are intended to spill out “exactly what happened every minute of the day on Jan. 6 here at the Capitol and at the White House and what led to that violent attack,” Cheney said in a House Rules Committee hearing.

Things got sour after former DoJ official Jeffrey Clark defied the subpoena for documents and testimony. The members of the select committee voted to initiate contempt proceedings against him. A day after this act, the notice was circulated of this development.

After Steve Bannon, who was also held by the committee to be in contempt of the House, and was indicted with 2 criminal charges against him by a federal grand jury. He has although time and again claimed his innocence.

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Cheney holds onto her stance and refutes any association with the capitol riots. It has not put her in much positive light though. Trump supporters on that fateful day had barged into Capitol Hill on that day, which almost made the Congressmen fear for their life, and go into hiding due to the ruckus so created.

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