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In the past few years anime as a genre has gained a lot of traction. Outbreak Company is an anime series that is based upon the works of Ichiro Sakaki. Unlike other anime series, this one is unique in terms of the cultural twist that it brings to the forefront. Various topics related to society like discrimination, segregation, societal norms, gender bias are portrayed beautifully in the series through powerful characterization. The series doesn’t fit into the ideal definition of drama, since it is full of powerful rivalries between the elves and the dwarves. 

Anyone who wants to watch a light and slightly funny, this anime is the perfect choice for them. Unlike the rest of them, it is not packed with action and the story focuses on creating a parody around the Otaku culture. If you are a person who enjoys engaging the storyline, you will be disappointed after an initial few episodes. 

Outbreak Company Plot

The protagonist in ‘Outbreak Company’ is a young boy called Shinichi Kanou. Like a typical Otaku, the boy enjoys spending time within the confined walls of his home and is obsessed with the Japanese Pop Culture. Most of the time he is either wasting his time binge-watching anime or indulging in long gaming sessions at home. His extremely poor social life becomes a concern for me and causes him a lot of stress. He wishes to escape this monotonous routine and enjoy life beyond the four walls. 

In a very strange twist, he somehow gets magically kidnapped and teleported to the Eldant empire. The empire seems like a dream, full of magic and filled with creatures like Elves, Dragons, and even Dwarves. Although the world seems new and scary, the boy gets his much-required escape from his sedentary lifestyle. The boy is strangely assigned with the title of “Otaku Missionary” and asked to promote the culture everywhere. In this journey, he is also joined by a half-elf maid called Myucel and the Princess of the Eldant empire named Petralka. 

Outbreak Company Season 2 Release Date

Outbreak Season 1 was first released on October 4 2013 and wasn’t a big commercial success. Compared to its peers in the same genre, it just managed to be decent and not an instant classic hit. The producers of the series were already in deep financial trouble and barely managed to complete Season 1. At the same time, the anime was rated average and didn’t do exceptionally well further adding to the financial woes. Despite all these obstacles, there is a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. We might be able to see Season 2 in late 2021. 

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Outbreak Company English Dub

The anime Outbreak Company can be viewed on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and HiDive with original Japanese audio and English subtitles as well 


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