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Noragami Season 3 Release Date, Plot, and Trailer News

After 5 years of waiting, it has ultimately been verified that Noragami producers will renew Noragami season 3, but it is not still clear when the show will return. Noragami is a very famous cartoon created by the Japanese fiction studio Bones and led by Kotaro Tamura. The show is inspired by the manga show that was first advertised in December 2010. The manga presently has 21 episodes, with the next season of the English translation scheduled to be published in November 2020.

Noragami Season 3 Updated News

As of presently, we can’t tell anything for Noragami Season 3. Hence, it doesn’t imply that there will be no return of Season 3. There is a 50% probability of seeing the series and 50% for not getting the series. 

The cause why it won’t see a sequel is that it traded less count of copies of manga and didn’t work properly for Blu-ray deals as well. Furthermore, just season 1 of Noragami was published on the OTT platform and as a consequence, it was not capable to get any earnings from that.

The description for the show receiving a series is that it has quite a reference material ready to be modified. The other cause will be that the noise and hype for Noragami are very high as the enthusiasts are yet anticipating its season 3. We will have to pause for a year or two and wish for the big announcement.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date

This is not accurate news for the Noragami season 3 release date and it depends only on consideration. At this point, the series has not yet been approved to be resumed, but we will keep you updated as more news is revealed.

Glancing at the fact that season 2 was published on 9 October 2015, and as enthusiasts have been pausing a long period for the 3rd episode to discover what occurs next in the show, we can think that is happening shortly. 

Season 2 did not have a strong finish, which has pointed to much consideration that season 3 will have a different tale with grand experiences. Moreover, in the case that Noragami episode 21 was published on 17 October 17, 2019, enthusiasts are expecting to listen about Season 3 shortly.

One of the greatest problems with producing Season 3 was the shortage of content. So, this is no longer a puzzle as 22 episodes have now been published. There is just different content for at least 2-3 more periods. Soon it’s only a topic of when not if. It is unclear if the CoronaVirus status will influence the series growth.

Noragami Season 3 Trailer

There is no trailer and teaser out yet for season 3 but we can expect it sooner at the end of 2021. For now, you can watch previous seasons and episodes to entertain yourself! We will give you an update after receiving some official news from the producers of Noragami!

Noragami Season 3 Cast


Nora is a sibling of Yato, having once consumed a long time with him as his shinki. 


Obviously, the bubbly God of Poverty is continuing to be a member of Season 3. 


This God of Calamity is continuing to be performing many more features in the future. Her connection with Nora, inappropriate, will be a pivotal climax point, with the two planning to make Yato return to his destructive actions.

Fujisaki Kouto

Fujisaki Kouto is a friendly modern scholar at Hiyori’s institution who is occupied by the person identified as “Father”, a dark soul who considers cruel hate to the spirits.


The stunning Bishamon, a God of Fortune, owned a lengthy-standing hatred with Yato, killed many of Bishamon’s shinki class and she vowed to avenge their deaths.

Noragami Season 3 Plot

In season 3, enthusiasts will notice Yato’s real identification and a mysterious past exposed. Additionally, the person who kisses Hiyoru is Yato’s dad. Hence, it is much obvious that season 3 will display the connection between Yato and his dad. 

Bishamon pardons him for shooting his initial family, and Yato needs to become a christ with several worshippers. He quickly begins collecting partners. Hence, Nora is coming after him to take vengeance. Nora was her past emblems.

Final Words

Will there be Noragami season 3? The true response: who knows?

Not the manga’s producers nor the cartoon creators have made a declaration approving or rejecting a season 3. With the manga back in the whole composition after a lengthy pause, the possibility for a cartoon fiction show is always there. As we get any update regarding Noragami Season 2, till then, we will all just have to be calm!

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