Whatsapp is down today?


Hi guys, As you know WhatsApp is the top most used message app. But now it’s down.

As per some tweets, it is confirmed that WhatsApp and Instagram both are down.



Whatsapp down?

Guys you know WhatsApp is a big company but don’t know why it gets down. is Facebook has some problem in their system or any other problem? It is not confirmed that WhatsApp is down due to any hack or any other reason.


Instagram is down?

People are posting on Twitter about that WhatsApp and Instagram both are down. but don’t know the reason. People are unable to send messages to their loved ones or they are unable to enjoy the services of Instagram and WhatsApp right now.

Final words: Guys are you facing a problem? if yes then comment on your problem.

Source: https://leedaily.com/2021/03/19/is-whatsapp-down-today/


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