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More than 50,000 evacuated Afghans plan to admit the US

As part of the evacuation plan, the US government has admitted thousands of Afghans to provide refuge in their country. The Homeland Security Secretary has said they hope to admit many more in what has so far been an unprecedented evacuation.

The latest news from Washington has announced that the United States is making a major effort to resettle the most vulnerable Afghan population under the Taliban regime.

After the fall of Kabul, admitting Afghans to the US is part of a commitment to helping people who also contributed to the US war effort.

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Thousands of Afghans have already passed security checks and are in the US for the resettlement process. With the expectation of how many Afghans will come, the Secretary of Security has said that they have made a lasting commitment, and that is the objective finally, for as long as it is necessary.

Approximately 130,000 people were airlifted from Afghanistan, which has meant the largest mass evacuation in US history.

Many of these people are still in transit to ensure that they pass the security controls of the United States and other countries such as Spain, Qatar, Germany, and Kuwait that will also admit Afghans. So far, more than 40,000 have arrived in the US, including 20% ​​of permanent residents and other US citizens.

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The rest of the people eligible for the special visa process are either a special army or NATO workers, interpreters, or in some other activity. Others get only the special visa as an immigrant.

Under this modality is intended to protect employees of non-governmental organizations, collaborators, and journalists from protecting from the Taliban government.

Other refugees and immigrants consider that the US has a moral commitment to help all these people and protect them for the sole reason of supporting the nation.

So far, there is no deadline and no set number for the number of Afghans the US hopes to admit. The mission is not complete until all legal permanent residents and US citizens wishing to leave Afghanistan have been evacuated and safely placed. The effort is not over until everyone is safe.

A large portion of the Afghans who have come to the US are sheltered and cared for at military bases across the country. They have been provided services to submit immigration applications to legally establish themselves in the country and metered assistance and others.

Final words:

Faced with the mass evacuation process, the newly installed Taliban government has reported allowing those with valid travel documents to do so. Although the United States airlift has ended, more people continue their efforts to leave the country under these terms.



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