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President Biden’s popularity affected by his performance in the Afghanistan situation

Poll indicators are beginning to reveal disapproval of Biden’s performance in the face of the situation in Afghanistan. At least 60% of those surveyed say they do not agree with how the US president has handled the situation.

Once Joe Biden has spoken about the end of the war in Afghanistan, most of them decide to express their dissatisfaction with his work. The approval numbers continue to decline in the face of what have been the most difficult weeks for the president so far.

Biden has remained at the center of criticism since he announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. From that moment on, many openly disapprove of his decision and performance; popular media polls reveal 51% dissatisfied compared to 44% who approve of his job performance.

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In these news agencies, it is the first time that the figures favor President Joe Biden, which reflects that today there are more negative opinions than positive about him and his administration.

Just two months ago, a Washington Post-ABC poll revealed that the president had high numbers. Although the presidential approval indicators generally vary, that stabilizes easily, and the truth is that after these few months of his mandate, his numbers and popularity have fallen rapidly.

By the end of June, it was already clear that the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan was a major factor in affecting the poll results.

Although 17% are in favor of staying in the fight, more than seventy percent of those polled think that ending the war that has lasted for about 20 years is the best.

They criticize the way in which decisions have been made that have claimed the lives of more than 2,400 soldiers and a few trillion dollars.

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Americans have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the way President Joe Biden has conducted this withdrawal plan. There has been a lot of suffering and serious events that have arisen during the evacuation of the United States.

Not only is the president sporting poor grades in the most recent polls, but Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have also dropped dramatically in popularity polls. The residents of these states disapprove of his efforts to challenge the high levels of fatal infections from the pandemic.

Final Words:

Faced with this reality, the truth is that many leaders are below the polls; the dissatisfaction of the masses is more general than is thought. The decisions regarding the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the public health policies against covid 19, and the effects of natural disasters have other political leaders very low in the polls.



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