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Master of None Season 3 Storyline Explained

Master of None is a series that dabbles in many genres – it could be described as a human comedy. Still, it is also an insightful show about relationships, particularly those bordering on them. 

The third season explores how characters can keep themselves protected from the nasty realities of their life and how even if they eventually come to accept the same, they would still carry their baggage and memories with them. It’s an exploration of how time can be the ultimate leveler and relationships will change.

The show doesn’t provide any answers but instead provides spaces for characters to traverse through their deepest fears. It’s not just about finding the right partner; it’s also about discovering oneself and accepting that. 

And if it’s too late to learn something, that would be okay as well. You can’t bathe in the sunshine every day.

Master Of None Storyline

The storyline of Master None season 3 is excellent. It’s about relationships, the drama it grows with time, the anger, the sadness, and the frustration that comes at times. I would strongly recommend this to anyone interested in relationship-based shows.

Coming to the acting part, all the actors have done a tremendous job at their characters. Aziz Ansari has excelled in portraying his character Dev Shah. 

The other actors are also good at their respective roles. Ansari has only improved in his acting skills. I am happy that Aziz Ansari has not played Dev Shah in any other show.

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Overall, Master of None Season 3 is a great show and the best show on Netflix right now. It’s a must-watch for everyone who wants to enjoy an easy and fun ride of variety and love even while working. We have grown accustomed to the old format of Indian TV shows, which are essentially one-dimensional. 

There has not been a show that has shown the real thing. Master of None is that show. It is a treat for people who want to be entertained with something fresh, original, and fun.


Master of None, created by Aziz Ansari, is a very creative show. It’s about love and relationships. It’s not just about the main protagonist Dev Shah finding the perfect love life, but also his friendship with Roberto. 

A new friendship develops in this season, which is rare to see in a show. The second season’s story was centered enough, but this one seems more focused on the relationships that have been formed and what they will do in their future life.

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The series has been very entertaining from the first episode. Again there is a good use of music in Master of None, which keeps it upbeat and lively throughout.

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