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Why voters continue to criticize California Governor Newsom? Read Full News

For California voters, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is what has defined Governor Gavin Newsom’s term of office. So far, more than 65,400 Californians have lost their lives due to being infected with the virus.

Newsom’s policies kept much of the public school students at home until last year since his first state order was to stay home.

But while he was implementing his policies, he was seen having dinner at a fancy restaurant in the company of other council members and friends in November. In addition, his children never stopped personally attending his private school classes.

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The criticisms and reactions of the general population did not wait, and it is now a movement that has persecuted him and questioned his mandate. His policies and his contradictory behavior in the face of them is what has now led him to face an unexpectedly competitive recall election.

His latest move has required healthcare workers to get fully vaccinated before the end of the month. But despite the emergence of new variants and the deadly spread of the virus, it does not require the mandatory use of masks throughout the state.

Although on different occasions Newsom has clarified that his policies against the covid are based on scientific analysis, it is what has currently led him to face his possible retirement from the governorship.

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Faced with this position, the reactions have not been long in coming, and the polls continue, to which the California Institute of Public Policy has published this Wednesday a sample of the results that indicate that 58% of possible voters approximately want the current governor to continue in office.

The political handling of the pandemic influences voters’ decisions, so Newsom’s Republican rivals, such as businessman John Cox, radio host Larry Elder, and former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer, now focus their strategies opponent in the use of vaccines and masks that Newsom has implemented.

Reporters from different local media have visited parks, shopping centers, downtown Los Angeles and even visited the camps where people evacuated by the Placerville fires are. This is to talk directly with people and know their opinions and impressions, including his tendency when voting in the recall referendum.

In Placerville, many voters describe Newsom as an elitist president who favors big cities while his pandemic mandates affect only the masses.

Final words

Newsom faces the justified ire of many California voters who label him a hypocrite in favor of the elites that he has not even complied with his policies against the covid.

He has not acted against companies that did not implement public health measures that forced the use of masks inside him.

Voters, volunteers, Californians generally agree that Newsom has ruled like a king. At the same time, another part of the population understands his measures and wants to keep him in office in the face of the impending impeachment election.



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