Jovi And Yara Divorce
Jovi And Yara Divorce

Jovi And Yara Divorce: Why They Didn’t Get Divorced?

Jovi And Yara Divorce: Fans of the 90-Day Fiancé believe that Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya are getting a divorce as a result of different statements the couple has made. It has been difficult for Yara and Jovi to get along ever since they first met on 90DF season 8. On one of his several business trips, Jovi, who is from New Orleans, met Yara, who is from Ukraine.

Through a travel app, they connected. They initially met with the intention of hooking up, but they dated for six months until Yara became pregnant and Jovi proposed to her. However, Yara miscarried, which was heartbreaking, and the couple continued to see each other. Using a K-1 visa, she relocated to America.

Upon becoming pregnant once more in Louisiana, Yara began to question whether her decision to immigrate to the US was the right one. She learned that Jovi wasn’t ready to be a husband or a father and that he enjoyed frequenting strip clubs and drinking heavily, which led to frequent arguments between the two of them.

Additionally, Jovi had to be away for several weeks while Yara was pregnant due to his duties as an ROV supervisor in the field of underwater robotics. Yara couldn’t stop reflecting on her decision to relocate and everything she had to give up. She thought Jovi didn’t give a damn about her or their child. She believed he was still single and living alone.

Jovi And Yara Divorce
Jovi And Yara Divorce

Before they were even married, Yara and Jovi discussed being co-parents because she was worried about how much he drank each day. Jovi was questioned by Yara about whether he intended to prioritize raising his children while remaining near to her or whether he preferred to be a weekend dad who occasionally cares for his offspring via phone calls and video chats.

As Yara and Jovi did on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’s sixth season? She appeared to have chosen to bring up their daughter Mylah in Ukraine.

Jovi And Yara Divorce

It appears like Jovi has made many significant changes to his life for his wife and daughter based on what social media has so far revealed. The only issue Jovi and Yara appear to be having is deciding where to reside. They must look for a location where they can live happily together. According to Jovi, they were temporarily staying in hotels to experience what it would be like to live in various places.

Jovi, however, was forced to make a confession regarding his romance with Yara. He claimed that they would have likely broken up if Yara hadn’t become pregnant. Jovi claimed on Instagram that while their marriage had a rocky start, having a child had helped them become closer.

Jovi was certain that they would have married even if he wasn’t certain if he and Yara would have remained together without Mylah. But what is really leading folks to believe that Jovi and Yara are breaking up is his admission that they are experiencing issues. Due to their hectic schedules at work, Jovi and Yara, stars of the 90 Day Fiancé, rarely have time for one another.

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Yara May Return to Ukraine

Yara thereby disproved the notion that she desired a Green Card and demonstrated her desire for a husband who would prioritize spending time with her. I don’t think it’s healthy for a baby to see mommy miserable, Yara remarked on the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff Tell-All. She then claimed that she was “sobbing alone.”

Even Jovi’s mother Gwen, who at first found Yara difficult to get along with, had stated on-screen that her son had reached the age when he needed to mature. “That’s it, I’m not going to change who I am. The first thing obstinate Jovi said was, “Plain and simple,” but when there was a rumor that Yara was pregnant once more, he seemed to change his mind. Jovi remarked, “I would be able to follow her wherever she goes,” in response to Yara’s assurance that she wouldn’t become pregnant in America.

Jovi Confesses That He And Yara Discussed Separation

Jovi, who starred in 90 Day Fiancé, declared in a video posted to her Yara Zaya YouTube profile in October 2021 that divorce was “a genuine thing” for them. Jovi claimed that “real-life concerns” including having a child early in their relationship, becoming parents, and living apart had made it difficult for him and Yara to maintain their relationship.

Jovi acknowledged that they have had arguments where they have discussed whether or not they want to remain together and stated, “It’s been a lot for us to deal with. But in the end, the two realized they wanted to be together—and not just for Mylah’s sake.”

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