youtube redesign
youtube redesign

YouTube’s new interface Long-form, Short-form, And Live-streaming Content Are Separated On Channel Pages

YouTube is in the process of implementing a change that will affect the way videos show on its platform. The company made the announcement today that it will now split video content into three different tabs into all channel pages.

One tab will be dedicated to YouTube’s traditional long-form content, another tab will be dedicated exclusively to YouTube Shorts, and the third tab will be dedicated to YouTube Live videos, which will include past, present, and future livestreams.

YouTube claims it made these changes because it listened to user feedback and is now making it easier for viewers to access the categories of videos they want to watch on the platform. The company stated in an announcement that it had heard from viewers that they desired to be able to go to the types of content that they were most interested in when exploring a creator’s channel page. As a result, this makeover was carried out.

The update also means that Shorts content and Live streams will no longer be found in the main Videos tab on the channel page. This is something that could appeal to longtime YouTube viewers who haven’t appreciated the infiltration of YouTube’s short-form content into the video feed of their favourite channel in recent months.

However, the revamp provides a means through which YouTube can drive users who already enjoy watching Shorts to further content of the same length. Now, whenever users are watching Shorts videos in the Shorts feed within the main YouTube app, and then navigate to the creator’s channel, they will be sent directly into this new Shorts tab to watch even more Shorts content.

youtube redesign

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This feature was previously only available to creators with their channels. This has the potential to increase the number of views that YouTube Shorts receives because users won’t immediately be redirected to the content creator’s long-form videos as they were in the past.

Positive first comment from users on Twitter replying to YouTube’s post about the changes has been received, as users are expressing their appreciation for providing each form of material its category. The post was about the modifications that will be made.

Another significant upgrade was made to YouTube earlier this month, and it was with that update that YouTube handles in the format of @username were finally implemented. Creators will now be able to identify their channel and communicate with their audience across YouTube Shorts, channel pages, video descriptions, comments, and other areas of the platform thanks to these usernames.

YouTube has announced that the redesigned tabbed interface will begin rolling out starting today and will be accessible to all users across all platforms in the coming weeks.

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