Kellyanne Conway Avoids Divorce Concerns By Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring
Kellyanne Conway Avoids Divorce Concerns By Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring

Kellyanne Conway Avoids Divorce Concerns By Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring

Kellyanne Conway was asked more than once if she and George Conway are still together. She instead talked about how much he hated former President Donald Trump and how she wished he had done things differently.

Kellyanne Conway, who served as the campaign manager for Donald Trump in 2016 and as a senior counselor to him during his time as president, has declined to comment on the current state of her marriage. While promoting her new book, Here’s the Deal, on the May 31 episode of CBS Mornings with co-host Gayle King, the ardent supporter of Trump sidestepped several questions posed by King, 67, regarding whether or not her marriage was able to endure her time spent in the White House.

King’s questions focused on whether or not her marriage was able to survive her time in the White House. Even though he is married to a person who was one of Trump’s most trusted staffers while he was in office, George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband, is notoriously hostile to Trump’s politics. He is 58 years old.

Gayle added, quoting Kellyanne’s new biography, “The man you believed had your back ended up stabbing you in the back,” which allowed her to elaborate on the behind-the-scenes machinations of her relationship with her ex-husband. Kellyanne wrote the memoir. “Isn’t that a terrible turn of events? Isn’t that a bit depressing? Conway gave his response.

Kellyanne Conway Avoids Divorce Concerns By Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring
Kellyanne Conway Avoids Divorce Concerns By Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring

“I believe that is something to which women can connect. However, this was on a whole other level.” She went on to say that George Conway had never promised to marry Donald Trump. He owes neither devotion nor fealty to any one president or political party in any capacity. That is to me, and I will value and treasure it.”

After that, Kellyanne noted that both she and her husband had taken “extremely significant jobs” under Trump, but George had a change of heart regarding the former president. “George has had a change of heart on President Trump. “He’s free to do that, but I find it quite out of character for George to act in such a pompous manner in public,” she said.

Through a series of opinion pieces and forceful tweets, George, a Republican attorney, made it clear that he was withdrawing his support for Trump. He referred to the former president and billionaire as “racist to the very core” in an article that he wrote for the Washington Post.

Kellyanne gave an open and heartfelt expression of her disdain at the conduct of her husband, and then Gayle asked her the pertinent question, “Did your marriage survive?” She did not give an answer that was obvious but instead spoke about spending the Memorial Day weekend with George and their children “at the shore,” and it appeared that she stumbled over her words. King’s response was that “divorced people whose parents are still fighting still hang out with one other.” Kellyanne’s co-host, Jeff Glor, also started asking her questions regarding her marriage.

Instead of providing an answer, Kellyanne Conway made a complaint that she was not provided with an adequate warning about any of her husband’s political outbursts directed against Donald Trump. “Why wasn’t I given the courtesy of being told ahead of time, tomorrow — of having George tell me, ‘My op-ed is going to be in The New York Times, the Washington Post.'”

“Why wasn’t I given the courtesy of being told ahead of time, tomorrow.” She told him, “I’m in the Lincoln Project now, and we’re going to have a new ad skewering your employer.” “We’re going to have an ad skewering your boss,” she continued. “It was intended to put me in an awkward position.”

Jeff brought up the fact that Kellyanne was missing her wedding ring while conducting yet another investigation into her marriage. She responded that George did not wear his either, which she confirmed. When Jeff asked her whether she would “do it all again,” she did not bring up her husband in response to his question. What she said, “I would certainly serve the country again, and I think that the Trump-Pence administration has excellent successes for this country in a variety of ways.”

As the interview concluded, Kellyanne did not answer the issue directly and continued to avoid answering it. “How long have you and George Conway been dating, Kellyanne?” Gayle inquired once more about it.

“Kellyanne, you are not responding to the question in any way. I have numerous questions.” Kellyanne had a warm grin as the conversation came to a close and conveyed her appreciation to the co-hosts for taking the time to read her memoir. Even though she had a lot to say, it seems as though she is willing to let the interview speak for itself in terms of what is going on in her marriage.

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