How Much Did Janet Jackson Pay To Get Divorced From Rene Elizondo Jr
How Much Did Janet Jackson Pay To Get Divorced From Rene Elizondo Jr

How Much Did Janet Jackson Pay To Get Divorced From Rene Elizondo Jr

The details of Janet Jackson’s personal life have never been made public. Because she has been in the public eye ever since she was a child, she has made it a priority to keep private certain aspects of her life that take place offstage, most notably the details of her romantic relationships.

The singer has been married three times, although her marriage to her second husband, Rene Elizondo Jr., has lasted the longest of the three. The couple’s difficult and drawn-out divorce was a source of both worry and frustration for the creative community. According to reports, Elizondo Jr. successfully sued Jackson for millions of dollars, and the two parties subsequently reached a significant settlement.

Janet Jackson And Rene Elizondo Jr. Didn’t Reveal Their Marriage Until They Divorced

After several years spent together as a couple, Jackson and Elizondo Jr. wed in a private ceremony in March of 1991. Jackson disclosed in the first episode of her docuseries for Lifetime that he popped the question to her during a downpour while they were on a beach. Elizondo Jr. is a backup dancer by trade who later went on to become a songwriter and filmmaker. He stated that they had “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for filing for divorce. Together, they did not produce any offspring.

Jackson acknowledged that it was her choice to keep the secret about the marriage. At the time that the divorce petition was made public, she issued a statement in which she expressed the desire “to have a normal family life… According to Rolling Stone, she is quoted as saying, “My private life has always been in the spotlight, even when I was a child.” “At times, this has proven to be quite challenging. I hope that my audience will comprehend.”

How Much Did Janet Jackson Pay To Get Divorced From Rene Elizondo Jr
How Much Did Janet Jackson Pay To Get Divorced From Rene Elizondo Jr

Rene Elizondo Jr. Fought The Marriage Contract

Elizondo contested the validity of the prenuptial agreement notwithstanding the existence of the document. During that period, his attorney, Manley Freid, was quoted as saying, “We do not have a predetermined sum we’re seeking. We do not yet have a complete picture of our financial situation. However, Rene is not going to try to take advantage of Janet in any way to acquire what the law says he is entitled to.

The Jackson camp declined to comment on any aspect of their divorce that had to do with finances. The couple has been married for almost ten years, and most of Elizondo’s work during that time has been done in partnership with his famous wife. He was a presence both in the studio and on sets, and he was frequently seen standing next to her at various events. During their partnership, Jackson’s docuseries revealed that Elizondo secretly recorded practically every aspect of her employment.

The Former Dancer Is Said To Have Made Millions

Even though Elizondo was not Jackson’s manager, the two worked together on several of Jackson’s projects. He collaborated with Michael Jackson for 15 years, during which time they wrote 37 of Jackson’s songs together. “Together Again,” “Gone Til It’s Gone,” and “I Get Lonely” are just a few examples of the songs that he collaborated in writing. His appearances on her album The Velvet Rope from 1997 are the most numerous.

Additionally, Elizondo directed several music videos for the vocalist known as “Nasty.” On the now-famous cover of Rolling Stone magazine, it is his hands are shown covering her breasts when she is otherwise exposed. During their time together as husband and wife, Jackson and Elizondo split their earnings. But during the proceedings for the divorce, Elizondo stated that he did not have any personal savings of his own.

Elizondo claimed that he was in a state of emotional turmoil when he signed the prenuptial agreement. At first, he filed a lawsuit against Jackson for spousal support for $25 million. They settled in 2003, and Forbes reports that Elizondo received upwards of $10 million as a result of the agreement.

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