Healer Girl Anime

Healer Girl Anime Is It Releasing In April 2022 | Latest Update

For those who haven’t seen the upcoming Healer Girl anime (directed by Yasuhiro Irie at anime production firm Studio 3Hz and due to premiere in April), there’s no additional information available. Besides announcing the addition of more cast and team members, the concluding theme music, animation sequence, and new key visual have been presented.

An all-female Healer Girls choir performs “Believe like Singing” as the anime’s closing song. The choir includes Akane Kumada (Hibiki Morishima), Carin Isobe (Kana Fujii), Marina Horiuchi (Remi Goj), and Chihaya Yoshitake (Sonia Yanagi). In the video below, you can see the ED sequence in action.

The third school of medicine, Vocal Medicine, has emerged alongside Western and Eastern medicine as a way to help patients and medical professionals alike better their mental health via song. The Karasuma Vocal Medical Institute is the setting for the Healer Girl anime.

Ayahi Takagaki, Hisako Toujou, and Miyu Takagi have joined the cast as Ria Karasuma, Shoko Nagisa, and Shinobu Honosaka, respectively.

Ryo Takahashi on music, Fumiyuki Go on sound, Sou Senoo on art, Kouhei Ogawa on 3D, and Gou Sadamatsu on editing are just a few of the new hires.Healer Girl Anime

Healer Girl Anime

Healer Girl, an original Japanese anime television series, is being produced by Studio 3Hz. Yukie Akiya’s character designs were used in the series, which was directed by Yasuhiro Irie and written by Noboru Kimura.

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Healer Girl Anime Release Date

In April 2022, the Healer Girl anime will be released. The release date hasn’t been announced in detail yet. In addition, the anime’s debut date is also a mystery.

The final sequence has allegedly been released, according to certain sources. This gives us a good sense of the major players who will play an essential role in the story.

Prior to its Spring 2022 broadcast, the Healer Girl anime’s opening animation has been uploaded online. The Healer Girls chorus unit performs “Feel You, Heal You” as the album’s opening track.

The music anime Healer Girl stars the members of the Healer Girls as its characters. Songs that are “kindhearted and strong” are the show’s slogan. This is a song of humanity’s wonders. “

In addition to director Yasuhiro Irie, series composer and playwright Noboru Kimura (Princess Principal: Crown Handler) and character designer Yukie Akiya (Princess Principal: Crown Handler) are also on board. It is Studio 3Hz’s responsibility to bring the animations to life.

Karin Isobe plays Kana Fujii, Marina Horiuchi portrays Reimi Itsushiro, Akane Kumada portrays Hibiki Morishima, and Chihaya Yoshitake portrays Sonia Yanagi in the cast.

The chorus of Healer Girls was founded at the end of the year 2020. As part of the Anison x L partnership, the group recorded and released many cover versions of popular anime songs to the Lantis YouTube account between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. ‘Voices vol.1-Anison Chorus Cover Album’ was published on March 26, with the album containing covers of ‘God knows…,’ ‘WALK,’ ‘Snow halation,’ and ‘Gentle oblivion.’

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Songs For The Opening and Closing

“Believe Like Singing” serves as the anime’s closing theme, as shown in the accompanying video.
They are all members of a group called “Healer Girls,” and they sing this song together.

Healer Girls also sang the anime’s theme song, “Feel You, Heal You.” At Tokyo’s Science Hall, the band will perform a brief live show on March 6.

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