kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far

kiss Him Not Me Season 2
kiss Him Not Me Season 2

It is considered a reverse-harem anime as well as a romantic comedy. “Kiss Him, Not Me” is about a young “fujoshi,” or female anime and manga fan, who is drawn to close relationships between men. Her favorite anime character dies on-screen one day, and she falls into a debilitating funk for the next week, which causes her to lose a significant amount of weight. When she finally comes out of her room, she appears to be a completely different person: she has transformed into a conventionally attractive woman, which allows her to attract the attention of boys she had previously ignored (except to ship them with each other). It is the relationships that are the focus of this anime.

The series, which has only one season to its credit, is a Brain’s Base production that was distributed in the United States by Crunchyroll. Although it’s been nearly five years since the final episode of the 12-episode Japanese television series “Watashi ga Motete Dsunda” (“What’s the Use of Me Being Popular” or “Boys, Please Kiss Him Instead of Me”) aired, no official announcement of a Season 2 has been made, and it’s possible that one will never be made. According to our knowledge, this shoujo anime series may be returning in the near future.

kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Release Date

There has been no announcement of renewal for “Kiss Him, Not Me” as of this writing. Unfortunately, the longer the series goes without a renewal, the less likely it is that it will be revived, especially with the same voice talent and art direction as before. Junko’s manga source material has been published in 14 volumes by Kodansha in Japan (via Anime News Network) and Crunchyroll Manga in digital editions between 2013 and 2018. Because Season 1 covered approximately eight volumes of the manga, that means there is enough material for at least one more season.

kiss him not me season 2 release date
kiss him not me season 2 release date

The manga is popular, having sold more than 3 million copies and being adapted into a live-action film that will be released in 2020, according to the publisher (via Japanese publication Natalie). However, nothing is guaranteed as a result of this. Fans would not likely see Season 2 until at least 2022, even if the show were to be renewed at some point in the near future. After all, it takes a long time for the production of an animated television show to be completed. You’re out of luck for the time being if you’re looking for more of this charming little anime series.

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Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Plot

This film’s plot is relatively lighthearted and sweet, with some of the boys taking a little longer to realize their feelings for Kae than others, but all of them eventually coming to terms with her obsessive personality and learning to accept it. It is revealed that she has gained and lost weight several times in the first season, that she works part-time at an amusement park, that she has consumed hallucigenic mushrooms, and that she has participated in a treasure hunt among other things during the season’s first episodes. Every now and then, she finds herself in a precarious situation. After seeing Asuma confess her feelings to her in the Season 1 finale, all of the people who have feelings for her do the same, resulting in her going on dates with all of them in the Season 2 premiere. After all of the quality time, she has spent with them, she is still undecided, and it appears that they may have another competitor for her affections when it is announced that Shion will be returning for another season in her favorite anime series, Evangelion.

kiss him not me season 2 plot
kiss him not me season 2 plot

If the anime follows the events of the manga, the events of Season 2 are expected to be a little more terrifying.

According to a fan-created website, the character of Takeru Mitsuboshi, a childhood friend of Kae’s who also happens to be a voice actor for one of her favorite anime characters, turns out to be a potentially lethal stalker. Kae does eventually choose between her many suitors, which, given the length of the manga, could very well happen during the final episode of Season 2. You’ll just have to wait and see to find out who he or she is. Alternatively, if a second season is not produced, the manga can be read (or if you get impatient).

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Cast & characters 

KISS HIM NOT ME is about Kae Serinuma, a sweet high school junior and female otaku who is obsessed with BL (Boy Love), as well as the anime “Mirage Saga” and its hero Shion, as well as BL (Boy Love). He died on-screen, and she became skinny and beautiful as a result of not eating for a week while she grieved his death on-screen. She isn’t sure how to deal with her newfound fame.

In addition to the soccer-playing boy-next-door type Ysuke Igarashi (Alejandro Saab in the well-received English dub), the four boys who suddenly become a big part of her life are bad boy Shion-look-alike Nozomu Nanashima (Orion Pitts), smart and effeminate tsundere Hayato Shinomiya (Justin Briner), laid-back and accepting Asuma (David Wald). The character Shima Nishina (Michelle Rojas) is another female otaku who is determined to win Kae’s heart.

Other supporting characters include Kae’s family, which includes her mother, father, and brother Takur (Chris George), as well as her best friend Amane Nakano (Amane Nakano is a Japanese actress) (Whitney Rogers).

Kae hasn’t decided which one of these characters she prefers the most, so the majority of these characters are likely to return for Season 2. In addition, there are one or two characters in the manga who haven’t yet appeared in the anime who could play a significant role in her story in the future.


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