Nicki Minaj’s Lawyers Claim Jennifer Hough’s Lawsuit Against the Rapper

Nicki Minaj's Lawyers Claim Jennifer Hough's Lawsuit
Nicki Minaj's Lawyers Claim Jennifer Hough's Lawsuit

Tensions have continued to increase between Jennifer Hough in her lawsuit against rapper Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty.

According to Nicki’s lawyers, they are calling it “BS” on Hough’s accusations in the legal data that was found in the new court by TMZ. The media company’s sources revealed that the lawyers of Nicki continued to request the court to reprimand Jennifer Hough for her outright fakeness and irregularities present in the suit.

Nicki Minaj’s Legal Claim

The rapper’s legal side contends that Hough was false about accusing Minaj and her side of harassment when she mentioned that she had changed her phone and moved away from her kids after the lawsuit was issued against the duo.

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In contrast, Nicki’s lawyers assert that Hough sent Nicki a text message after June 2020, the time when Hough accused Nicki of harassment. The TMZ shared a screenshot of a text message which was allegedly sent by Hough which read: “US Marshalls are asking questions!!! They showed up at my house.”

The rapper’s legal agents also claim Hough was false when she alleged that Nicki’s camp offered her brother a bribe of $500,000 to retract the written note which she had provided on Nicki’s husband, Petty about sexually abusing and assaulting her in the 90s.

Nicki’s legal agents also seem to have some problems with Hough’s interview early this year and they also affirm that Hough had said that her brother told that the $500k was offered by someone willing that the contender should speak with the lawyers of Kenneth Petty.

Nicki Minaj's Lawyers Claim Jennifer Hough's Lawsuit
Nicki Minaj’s Lawyers Claim Jennifer Hough’s Lawsuit

They also argue that the accusation of Nicki being behind that offer is simply rumored, thus making Hough’s lawsuit, not much reliable.

To sum up, the report by TMZ shows that the team of legal advisers of Minaj reckon that Hough is merely trying to “score a payday” from the rapper and her husband.

Background of the Lawsuit

The current suite of Hough against the duo is based on intimidation and witnessing harassment and deliberately inflicting emotional stress. The legal suit dates back to a carnal incident between Hough and Petty in 1994 when they were in their teens and Petty raped her with a threat by pointing a knife.

He was found accountable for a first-degree rape attempt and was jailed for four years in 1995. Despite this, he pleads his innocence in the circumstances. 

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Petty was charged in January 2020 after he failed to enlist himself as a sexual offender upon settling in Los Angeles with his wife Minaj and their son. He later was found at fault for the accusations against him because of his negligence in registering himself in California this September. 

Hough’s Statements

In an interview earlier this year, Hough explained her traumatic experience with the event that occurred between him and Petty and elucidated that she and Petty were not in any relationship when he assaulted her, in contrast to Minaj’s tweet in 2020. ” It was like really reliving it again because it was a lie. It wasn’t true. We both were 16.

We were never in a relationship. I just felt woman to woman that was wrong of her.” said Hough about Minaj’s tweet. She went on to reveal that in 1994 after Petty was charged, she was pressured by her custodian to head to court and ask them to absolve him of the charges out of terror. But he was not absolved and found guilty and served his term.

Hough recounted that when Nicki and Petty married she was troubled by the fact that the incident which led to her trauma might be in front of the world. “I was so afraid of being known as the person he violated and I didn’t want that”, said Hough. 

Tyrone Blackburn, lawyer of Hough also revealed that the duo harassed her for months. Many people used to phone her family members and also approached her daughter. She was getting unknown calls about a letter to recant her statements.

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After denying the rapper’s offer for a face-to-face discussion with her in the March of 2020 Hough clarified that she was not interested to change her mind about the story to help them.

Hough went on to add that Minaj and her husband sent her people with money as a means of compensation. Subsequently, she also started getting life threats.

“Them sending people to negotiate numbers as far as money is concerned with family members, and Nicki is the one who personally reached out to me in regards to helping her, helping them and this situation,” she added. “And then the threats that I received because I kept saying no to every offer, every suggestion.

The last incident was when one of their associates put $20,000 in my lap and I still kept saying no. The last message I received was about how I should have taken the money because they’re going to use the money to put on my head.”


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