Tales of Zestiria the X Season 3: Release Date, Characters & Trailer


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A lot of great shows have come out from the studio, like “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and the “Fate” series, in the last few months. Even though it hasn’t used CG in its anime shows all that often, it has learned how to do this well more than anything. If you read “Tales of Zestiria,” it does the same thing. From the very beginning, the anime shows a fantasy world that grows bigger and bigger. It slowly introduces the three main characters one by one. And with each new episode, the show grows in the best possible way during its short runtime.

‘Tales of Zestiria’ isn’t just for fantasy fans. It can also be fun for anyone who likes to read about other worlds. People who watched the first two seasons of the show are probably wondering if it will come back for more. To learn more about how it could be changed, keep reading.

Plotline Of Tales of Zestiria the X 

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 3

The weather has been particularly harsh in Hyland, destroying crops and sickening people. Due to the weird fog in Guriel, Alisha, a royal princess, travels alone. The village is still shrouded in fog.

A cyclone pulled her and her friends into Guriel. After a while, she’s left Then she found these murals about a shepherd saving the world. She flees after being stung by insects and reaches She meets Sorey, a youngster from Elysium (the country of seraphim), and Mikleo, a shepherd.

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But Sorey refuses to take Alisha to Izuchi. But Sorey couldn’t abandon a helpless person. The Seraphim refuse to help them because they believe humanity will bring destruction. Sorey sees a boy after her and decides to follow him (with Mikleo’s help). They were greeted by a girl named Rose and pleased by the festival’s settings and attendees. The capital’s evil weakens Mikleo. Man after Alisha.

Sorey uses the lake’s lady’s sacred blade to safeguard the festival’s attendees. He collapses and passes out. Then Alisha lends him a shepherd’s costume. Then he can discern evil.
Velvet, a long-incarcerated lady, ate demons. She wanted vengeance on Abbey’s exorcists. Artorius Collbrande saved them. Artorius’ ex-partner Seres tried to help velvet once.
Velvet escapes with the help of a daemon, Rokurou.

Leaving the island prison by boat is their only option. Oscar was possessed. Velvet can’t accept a world shaped by her brother’s death. But a dragon appears.

Sorey is not attacked by the dragon when Lilah communicates the shepherd’s responsibility to him. Outraged, Barlow invites him to his mansion. And on the way to the mansion, Sorey smells something horrible coming from Malevolence. Stop it before Lady Lake. Mikleo fears Sorey. If you liked it, continue reading.

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Will The Tales Of Zestiria The X Return For Season 3? If Yes, Then When?

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 3

It started on July 10, 2016. There were 12 episodes in the first season. On January 8, 2017, the second season came out, and it lasted until April 29, 2017. Apart from this, there are also other versions of the anime that you can watch. As far as a second season of the main series, the ending of season 2 did hint that there could be one. However, because the anime is based on a game and not a light novel or manga, it’s hard to predict what the future holds for it because it doesn’t have roots in either of those things.

Most game adaptations don’t get the attention they deserve. A lot of people like and rate the movie based on how popular and well-received it is on some of them. You can expect the third season of “Tales of Zestiria” to come out at some point in the future if the show is kept on TV.

Where To Watch Tales of Zestiria the X?

No doubt this series has a great storyline and plot twists that are worth looking at, so who wouldn’t want to try it? If you want to watch Tales of Zestiria X on Funimation, you can.

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