Rango 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Rango 2 Release Date

Starring Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher, many fans desire to see more of the adventure of this chameleon in the desert. But will there ever be Rango 2?

Directed by Gore Verbinski with a screenplay by John Logan, Rango is an American animated comedy movie which was debuted on February 14, 2011.

Produced by Paramount Pictures, this tells the narrative of a pet chameleon that is inadvertently lost in a desert and is chosen to be a sheriff. Later, he needs to aid others to acquire water and finds out the reason why there is no water left in the town.

Rango successfully obtained lucrative revenue. With a budget of US$135 million, Rango generated US$245.7 million gross.

Rango likewise gets largely good reviews, both from the audiences as well as critics. IMDB offers it 7.2 out of 10 ratings, while Rotten Tomatoes gives it 88 percent critics’ review and 69 percent audience score.

Rango also successfully gathered 46 honors, including winning Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film of The Year, and was nominated in other 25 categories.

However, a decade has passed by, and nothing is ever heard about Rango 2. Will it, in reality, ever happen?

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Rango Recap

To help those who haven’t watched or who have forgotten about the first film, here is a brief summary.

a chameleon in an aquarium is transported by truck to a desert in Nevada, where the vehicle crashes and becomes trapped. After that, the chameleon sets off to get some water in the desert. He enters a pub and gets into a brawl with other patrons. Also, he chooses the name Rango and meets a female named Beans at this point.

A gigantic eagle is killed in the combat, and he is appointed as town sheriff by John, the town mayor.

He is responsible for bringing in extra water for the town, which is running low. Because they are aware that the water supply is off, they are looking into it.

It turns out that Mayor John is the one causing the water scarcity since he intends to acquire the property. Faced with Rango, Mayor John summons an enormous snake he calls Jake and orders him to strike the villain. Mayor John, on the other hand, eventually manages to ensnare Rango and Beans in a glass of water. After they’ve kissed and their last bullet has crashed through the window, they’re let free.

As a result of his admiration for Rango, Jake confronts Mayor John and pulls him into an area only he can access. He has been hailed as a hero by the residents of the town since the water has returned.Rango 2 Release Date

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Is There Going To Be Rango 2?

However, will Rango 2 ever be released?

After ten years since the original film was released, there is no talk or green light for a sequel.

If they suddenly decide to develop a sequel or spin-off, it will take quite some time to complete it all. But until then, we may have to accept that Rango 2 will just be a single film.

Rango 2: Voice Cast

In the event that Rango 2 is made, who would voice the characters?

Let’s take a look at the cast of Rango’s debut film, shall we? In addition to Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, and Ned Beatty star in this film, there are a number of other notable actors and actresses, including Abigail Breslin and Ned Beatty.

Bill Nighy is Rattlesnake Jake, Alfred Molina is Roadkill, Harry Dean Stanton is Balthazar, and Ray Winstone is Bad Bill, amongst other actors.

Rango 2 may not have a returning cast of voice actors because it has been 10 years since its release and several of the actors have their own busy schedules right now—not to mention Johnny Depp, who has been dealing with problems. However, there may never be a second Rango, so there’s nothing to look forward to.

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