Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie Ending and Dragon Ball's Post Credit Scenes
Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie Ending and Dragon Ball's Post Credit Scenes

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Ending and Dragon Ball’s Post Credit Scenes

Gohan’s Potential Unleashed form, originally seen in the Fusion Saga, appears before this. In the end, it was Gohan’s realization that Piccolo was close to death that pushed him to embrace the new form. Since Piccolo was trying to deceive Gohan with the Pan antics, it’s possible that he also had this in mind. Essentially, the fight is a reimagining of the epic battle between Gohan and Cell in the Cell Games, with Piccolo standing in for Goku. Here you will read about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie review details.

Regardless, it’s a fantastic sight to behold this new, more potent version that resembles his Super Saiyan 2 hair except in that it’s noticeably longer and has a silvery tint. The “Super” Namekian form, which Piccolo has dubbed “Orange Piccolo,” is coming next. Not the most original, but also not completely off base. While on a mission to help Dende reach his full potential, Piccolo appeared and advised he employ the Dragon Balls instead.

Piccolo, with Shenron’s assistance, accessed his latent abilities and transformed while engaged in combat. The Namekian Pride emblem was glowing on his back just before the transformation. In the same way that Gohan’s Potential Unleashed form was improved upon, so too is this one.

In light of their long-standing relationship over the course of the series, it’s cool to see the pupil and instructor both level up in a similar fashion. What’s more, we got to watch Gohan’s first ever full-on use of the Special Beam Cannon in his last hurl. This was a truly dramatic moment.

The cell is back, sort of, in the shape of Cell Max, and he’s ready to take out that Special Beam Cannon. We added to our team fresh androids and a replacement Cell. Crazy. But there are several ways in which this Cell is unique. Fans of DBZ will remember that Cell Max’s inability to absorb others was a major source of concern.

While Cell’s first three incarnations were social and talkative, Cell Max seemed almost wild in comparison. He stormed out of the gate in a rage. Although this may be attributable to him not being fully developed, it seems to have had no negative impact on his fighting prowess or physical development.

Dr. Hedo, the grandson of Dr. Gero, designed the modern androids Gamma 1 and 2, as well as Cell Max. After the chaos of the final battle, we discover him trying to turn himself in. In comparison to his grandfather, he is a much better person. He believed the Capsule Corporation was behind potential threats to Earth, so he set out to develop “superheroes” to combat them.

Therefore, Bulma suggests that Dr. Hedo join Capsule Corporation so that his talents might be put to better use. So far, we’ve seen reformed villains switching sides in consecutive films. After all, most villains in the Dragon Ball universe eventually turn good.

Dr. Hedo and, presumably, Gamma 1 join Cheelai, Lemo, and Broly from the last film, who were all featured prominently. Despite Gamma 2’s selfless act, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him again (fingers crossed). Nevertheless, the dispersal of particles in Avengers: Endgame seems to be a foregone conclusion.

The End Credits of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

At the end of the film, after Piccolo and Gohan’s quest has concluded, there is a scene showing the conclusion of the fight between Goku and Vegeta, which had been taking place off-screen. As they both drop to the ground, Goku calls it quits, giving Vegeta a rare victory.

This may not be what you had in mind when you said the latest Dragon Ball movie ended with Vegeta defeating Goku, but it’s good news for Vegeta fans who were getting sick of Goku always winning. Broly, meanwhile, had a front-row seat and may have picked up some tips. But the biggest mystery is when we might expect to see him back in action.

The Dragon Ball’s Future

Can you tell me what’s going to happen in the next Dragon Ball episode? Both the Broly film and Super Hero seem poised for huge financial success. Is there the possibility of a spinoff series, or will more films be the next step for this franchise? New Dragon Ball episodes supposedly set after the Universe Survival Arc are in production and will premiere in 2023.

Toei plans to release new films every two or three years, and a new DBS movie set after Super Hero is reportedly already in pre-production. We’ll have to wait till Toei Animation announces the future of the hit anime to find out whether any of this actually happens.

Do you want to see Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters in a new series, another movie, or both? What did you think of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Leave a comment and let us know. And, for the sake of those who watch anime but not manga, please avoid discussing any plot points that could be revealed in the manga.

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