Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Release Date Status, Raw Scan + Manga Spoilers


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In some senses, the show is going in the wrong direction. Gas and Granolah can employ instant teleportation in the latest chapter. Only the dragon ball wish got them there.
So why did Goku and Vegeta practice so hard if obtaining power was so simple?

Moving on from this minor hiccup in series philosophy, we must discuss the future endeavor. New Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. The premise is intriguing.
When Goku was a child, he defeated the Red Ribbon Army alone.

Now the Army has two strong androids fighting for them. They’re back to avenge Goku and his family! This movie will bring us back to the human world and show us ancient personalities.

We’ll see more of Gohan and Goten, and Piccolo will be returning!

What will Goku and Vegeta do now? We think Granolah will lose?, and our heroes will have to rise to the occasion to foil Gas and the Heeters’ plots.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79: Recap

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80

Before we go any further, let’s have a look at the previous chapter of the well-known comic story. We witnessed Granolah gain an advantage over Gas in the previous chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga series. The fight has started. Both parties talked about their dragon ball abilities. For both of them, the battle will be difficult. Granolah has been training for a long time. He’s a specialist in some strange new tactics. Gas is unaware of these. Granolah’s sudden moves caught him off guard. But, hey, don’t underestimate him. Granolah will be defeated, and he will find a way to fight back.

The ultimate battle for the Granolah in the Survivor storyline is expected to be Gas against Granolah. The conclusion of this arc will define the start of the next. Prepare to be surprised by the twists and turns. The plot is about to get a lot more interesting. Fans of manga are looking forward to delving deeper into the series. The conclusion of the Granolah arc has piqued our interest. Let’s not waste any more time and get right into the topic of the day.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80: Release Date

The climactic fight of the Granolah saga has piqued the interest of readers everywhere. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is premiered on January 20, 2022, according to the official timetable.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80: Raw Scans/Drafts

The raw scans or draughts of the first eight pages of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 have been revealed; the full chapter scans will be released later. You may see these draughts below since we are attaching several tweets that contain the raw draughts of what we are talking about today.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80: Plot

The previous chapter marked the beginning of Granolah’s final struggle, which began in this chapter. A heart-wrenching battle awaits us in the future chapter, we can be sure of that. Prepare to observe Granolah vs Gas in action. The Granolah Survivor story arc will be completed in the near future. Gas, along with the rest of the Heaters, are prepared with their abilities. Granolah is in for a rough battle in this one as well.

Some of Granolah’s approaches were a mystery to Gas, so he decided to investigate. He has, nevertheless, become more disciplined over time. He is well-versed in dealing with Granolah.

After finishing the final chapter, Granolah realized that he had begun the biggest battle of his life. This chapter will feature a dreadful clash, which fans can expect to see coming. Prepare to witness granola vs. gas battle of epic proportions. It is with this chapter that the story arc of Granolah the Survivor comes to a close.

Electric heaters and gas heaters are both eager to demonstrate their skills to the public. Grassolah finds himself in a life-or-death position in this scenario. Granolah’s activities, on the other hand, were seen as troublesome by the rest of the group. When it came down to it, though, he managed to get his bearings. When it comes to dealing with Granolah, he’s well versed in the best methods.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80

Will he be able to defeat Granolah? Is it possible that Granolah will lose to Gas? What will go place throughout the battle? 

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