Rapper Young Thug Refused Bond In Court Hearing
Rapper Young Thug Refused Bond In Court Hearing

Rapper Young Thug Bond Refused In Court Hearing

Rapper Jeffrey Williams, the aka Young Thug, had his bond application denied once again. Williams has been incarcerated at the Fulton County Jail for quite some time. He is suspected of being a co-creator of the illegal street group Young Slime Life. Here you will read about why Young Thug refused bond in the court hearing and related details on this.

Williams was charged by a grand jury on six additional charges last week, including gang participation, drug possession, and firearms offenses. We anticipate his trial to begin in the new year.

Today’s court appearance by Williams wasn’t the only one. Sergio Kitchens, better known as Gunna, also made an appearance in court. According to the judge, Kitchens’ bond hearing is scheduled for September 18.

Rapper Young Thug
Rapper Young Thug

Several additional defendants also attended during the trial which prolonged several hours on Thursday. His lawyers had earlier filed an emergency motion seeking a bond for his release.

Prosecutors have already used the lyrics of Young Thug and Gunna, also accused of racketeering, against them, bringing the ire of other rappers T.I., Jay Z, and Meek Mill.

When you say something like, “We’re using lyrics that a rapper’s using,” you’re effectively saying that you want to throw every rapper out of business or in jail. By that standard, attorney Manny Arora argues, that Johnny Cash has committed several murders because his songs glorify such acts.

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