Southern Decadence's Bourbon Street Extravaganza Was Canceled Due To Monkeypox
Southern Decadence's Bourbon Street Extravaganza Was Canceled Due To Monkeypox

Southern Decadence’s Bourbon Street Extravaganza Was Canceled Due To Monkeypox

In New Orleans, the Southern Decadence Festival is a huge thing. Toby Lefort, the event’s previous grand marshal, says he’s been waiting for it to return since 2019. He claims that the city as a whole, not just the nightlife industry, benefits greatly. Here you will read about if it’s true that Bourban street Extravaganza was canceled due to monkeypox.

Southern Decadence’s Jeffery Dude says they’re switching things up this time by not holding their annual Bourbon concert. One of the clubs was putting on an event, and according to this guy, finding performers was a major headache.

But unfortunately, that’s not the situation here. The Bourbon Street Extravaganza, according to Chuck Robinson, has been called off because of monkeypox fears. Robinson claims he avoided making a mass spreader because of the proximity of people.

Toby Lefort, a bartender at the Bourbon Pub, disputes the notion that monkeypox is only an illness affecting homosexuals. After a long hiatus caused by the pandemic, the concert was finally coming back.

Outdoor Concert Canceled Due To Monkeypox
Outdoor Concert Canceled Due To Monkeypox

One of the largest LGBTQ festivals in the country is Southern Decadence, which takes place over Labor Day weekend. There could be as many as 20,000 attendees at the show.

Lack of access to the monkeypox vaccine has been a source of concern in Louisiana. At the beginning of the month, the Louisiana Department of Health announced that they had been in touch with Southern Decadence organizers about providing vaccinations to attendees. Getting infected with monkeypox requires close contact between hosts.

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