Appalachian Outlaws Canceled or Renewed
Appalachian Outlaws Canceled or Renewed

Appalachian Outlaws Canceled or Renewed: Carswell Fears the Show Will Be Canceled!

Appalachian Outlaws Canceled or Renewed: The BBC’s second season of Stephen Merchant’s dramedy The Outlaws, about seven strangers who bond while performing community service together, just ended (the first season is available on Prime Video in the US). Hollywood veteran Christopher Walken was among the show’s brilliant supporting cast, including the creator and star of the show Stephen Merchant.

If you’ve liked the show, it makes sense that you’d want to see it return for a third season. Has the program been renewed, though? Or was it recently postponed? This is what we do know.

Appalachian Outlaws Canceled or Renewed

A third season has not yet been announced as of this writing. Stephen Merchant is open to a third season, but only if there is a means to have the characters return. He stated the following in a Radio Times interview:

“I love the characters; I like the world. I don’t know how long you could believe that they’re still doing community service but I suppose it’s like Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, where they were always building a different house in different parts of the world. So hopefully there’s a way to keep bringing them back, particularly as I love working with this cast, and as I say, once you’ve created a world and you’ve got characters that you enjoy writing for you sort of want to keep on milking that cow.”

Given how positively audiences and critics have embraced the series, the likelihood of a second season is vital. A third season of the show will likely depend on the performers’ schedules and finding a story idea to secure its continuation. So, unless the actors can come together for another round of community service, it might be a while before the show returns to our screens.

Who Could Be in Appalachian Outlaws?

Despite the risks when dealing with a deadly drug gang, there were no character disappearances or deaths in the previous season. Thus it is likely that all of the “outlaws” will return. These include Christopher Walken as Frank, Stephen Merchant as Greg, Darren Boyd as John, Clare Perkins as Myrna, Eleanor Tomlinson as Gabby, Rhianne Barreto as Rani, and Gamba Cole as Christian, as you already know if you’ve watched the episode.

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Jessica Gunning, who played Diane, the Police Community Support Officer in charge of the diverse group of offenders, may be considered the show’s true star. She undoubtedly contributed to some of the biggest laughs in the first two seasons, so if a third season is approved, we hope her fumbling persona will return.

What Could Happen in Appalachian Outlaws?

At this point, it’s difficult to say because the second season came to a tidy conclusion with all of the season’s plotlines being satisfactorily resolved. If you’ve watched the season, you’ll be aware that it had scenes in which characters encountered difficulty after discovering (and using) stolen drug money.

Appalachian Outlaws Canceled or Renewed
Appalachian Outlaws Canceled or Renewed

Then, when they met a dangerous drug boss, they pretended to be drug traffickers to defeat the villain and escape unharmed. I won’t say anything more since I don’t want to ruin anything, especially for US viewers who might not have finished watching the second season yet. The “outlaws” will probably find themselves in another situation if the program is approved, but we’ll have to wait and see what that might be.

Carswell Fears Appalachian Outlaws Will Be Canceled

One of the two regional actors on the History Channel’s Appalachian Outlaws, Chris “Ewok” Carswell, worries that the second season might be the last for the program on its current network. Carswell claimed proof that the History Channel and Appalachian Outlaws, which A&E Networks own, want to axe the program after its second season.

“We were all made aware of it. “To this day, if you phone them, they will claim that they haven’t yet terminated it, but I have a copy of the email that indicates that they have,” claimed Carswell.

Carswell claimed that he and other cast members had been actively promoting the program on social media to secure a third season. He claimed that because there have been so many reviews of the show posted online, A&E has decided to stop allowing more comments on its Facebook page. According to Carswell, six firms are reportedly vying for the rights to the program for a potential third season.

According to Carswell, the show’s devoted audience is rooting for the actors and the production. “I don’t think that they counted on us having such a loyal fan base. A&E wanted the cancellation to come out on their terms and we weren’t going to let that happen. Our fans filled their email inbox in less than a day.”

Season three may continue if a different corporation bought the show’s rights outright. Season three will have to be produced under another name if the corporation refuses to sell the program’s rights. Carswell is hopeful that an agreement will be reached before the commencement of season three of the show’s filming.

“It’s a wait-and-see right now who will pick up the show. Between the cast members and their fan pages and the fan pages for the show, we’ve got a lot of support. I think we will do just fine.”

Carswell expects an agreement to be reached by the end of July so that the show’s production can begin in early August. Everything for season three of the show will be considerably delayed if a purchase agreement is not reached soon.


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