Away Season 2 Canceled
Away Season 2 Canceled

Why Was Away Season 2 Canceled by Netflix? What Are We Missing Out on the Show?

Away Season 2 Canceled: I kept telling myself, “If this show ends without telling us whether or not Hilary Swank safely arrived on Mars, I’m going to shoot someone out of the airlock,” throughout the whole suspenseful first season of Netflix’s Away. Swank’s Commander Emma Green and her crew of daring astronauts made it to the Red Planet safely, which was good news for those expecting a cliffhanger ending.

However, Netflix did us even worse with a finale that raises a new question: what now? Just seconds after landing on Mars, we parted ways with the crew of the Atlas, their 18-month tenure on Mars still in front of them. We’ll never find out what happens next, much to the astonishment and sadness of fans everywhere, since Netflix decided not to extend the program for a second season.

Having trouble understanding why Netflix would axe such a well-liked program? We are, too, but we also have some ideas about why Away was canceled.

Is Netflix Renewing Away For Season Two?

Away has been canceled by Netflix after just one season. According to Esquire, about six weeks after the show’s Netflix premiere, the news was released exactly on the day that creator Jessica Goldberg had anticipated hearing it.

Away Season 2 Canceled

Away soared into Netflix’s top 10 after its September 4 release and even attained the coveted “#1 on Netflix” position. Out reached its highest place of #2 during its first complete week of release and stayed several weeks among the top 10 Nielsen streaming rankings. Even though the show’s instant popularity promised a quick renewal, we have a few suggestions as to why Away was canceled.

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One of the most costly Netflix shows, Away reportedly cost more than $6 million per episode. Those high-budget visual effects (fireball in space, anyone?) undoubtedly require a lot of time and money to produce, possibly more than Netflix was prepared to shell out. It’s also plausible that Away failed due to the persistent logistical difficulties of film and television production in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Goldberg, the cast members playing the Atlas crew could quarantine together, but she worried it wouldn’t be practical to film packed and noisy scenes at Johnson Space Center. Though Netflix has returned to production with a strict COVID-19 safety protocol, the situation remains complicated. Netflix comments, “Current infection trends create more uncertainty for our productions in the US.”

Away Season 2 Canceled
Away Season 2 Canceled

Away is not the first well-liked Netflix program to be abruptly canceled. Favorite Netflix shows like GLOW, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Dead to Me, Ozark, Altered Carbon, Teenage Bounty Hunters, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, The Society, and I Am Not Okay With This have just been canceled.

The elimination of Away comes as Netflix is under intense criticism from viewers who claim the streaming service frequently axes shows with female and queer creators as the prominent cast members. Away likely fits into this depressing pattern because it has a female showrunner and female lead.

What Are We Missing Out on in Away Season 2?

Away is a fundamentally humanist show about sacrifice and the bonds that unite us across cultures, not your typical sci-fi fantasy, which Netflix is losing by canceling. With the world’s top five space organizations cooperating and pooling their substantial resources to send their best astronauts and scientists to Mars, Season One of Away was firmly rooted in globalism and international cooperation themes.

Private space exploration, which predominates much of our discussions about sending humans into space, was barely touched upon, although Goldberg hinted that this would change in a potential Season Two. What a shame that Goldberg’s artistic goals for Season Two will never be accomplished, as she revealed to Esquire:

“We’re more interested in that cross-section of the private sector with space travel. That’s something we’re turning over in the writer’s room: what happens if something with monetary value is found on Mars, meaning that this is no longer a purely scientific journey? We haven’t looked at the military because the show posits this other world in which the world came together to support the Atlas Mission. If we twist it in season two, it’ll be interesting to watch nationalism come into the picture because, in a way, the journey is about eliminating those borders.”

Putting aside all creative setbacks, Netflix losing Away is likely the biggest tragedy because it resonated deeply with viewers from all walks of life. According to Goldberg, fans in India and China found it empowering to see characters from their cultures fully realized rather than stereotyped, as they are all too frequently.

She told Esquire a touching tale of how the show was received in Ghana “Ghanaian actor Ato [Essandoh], who plays Kwesi, stated that the response was overwhelmingly positive. People have expressed surprise at hearing their native Fante language on an American television program. Ghanaians found it hard to believe. These people are overjoyed since they have never heard their language on television. It was unique.”

People with disabilities have also responded favorably to Away. Ghana, telling Esquire, “Ato [Essandoh], who plays Kwesi, is from Ghana, and he said the response was overwhelming. People said, ‘I can’t believe I’m hearing my language, the Fante language, spoken on an American television show.’ People in Ghana couldn’t believe it. This country had never heard its language on television before, and they’re just so thrilled. It was extraordinary.”

What will the Atlas’s crew find on Mars? Will a commercial space race result from the private sector’s involvement? Unless Away is saved by another streaming service or network, as with other Netflix flops like One Day at a Time or Tuca and Bertie, we might never know. Let’s hope that what Netflix deems garbage, another network will find to be gold.

Away Season 2 Trailer

Away Season 2 trailer is not available yet so you can watch its previews trailer below:

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