Legs Video Facebook Was Fake
Legs Video Facebook Was Fake

The Facebook Legs Video Was a Forgery

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, went on stage earlier this week to show that his company had spent billions of dollars to create a virtual reality universe (Horizon Worlds) that looked like it was from 2004. He also revealed that his company was working to make that universe look like it was from 2009 instead. This upgrade showed that avatars would soon have legs instead of just floating torsos.

At the time, Ethan wrote, “It was an extraordinary video in an extraordinary place.”

Today’s model is clearly an extension of that early rendering, and finally brings the VR platform past the likes of Fire Emblem: Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS, another game that lacked legs. And that was with Meta only spending $10 billion this year on the technology. Who knows what another small fortune will bring? If anything can catapult the Oculus storefront into the green, it’s a burgeoning market for VR feet pics. It might seem like we’re being ridiculous here, but do know that the live chat alongside the virtual audience watching all of this unfold absolutely exploded when Zuckerberg started talking about feet.

The improvements anticipated to bring full-body avatars are not expected to be released until 2023; however, Zuckerberg can be seen leaping around in the video, giving everyone an early glimpse at the technology. Or had he been?

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When a company is trying to sell you something, you should already be aware that not everything is as it seems because of the presence of any piece of marketing that has ever been created. Anyone who has ever been around *checks the culture* or any part of marketing that has ever been made should know this by now. In this particular instance, the video that Meta displayed was a collaborative effort between a few people.

Legs Video Facebook Was Fake

As Meta has given a follow-up statement, it has been claimed by UploadVR’s Ian Hamilton that the statement reads, “To enable this preview of what’s to come, the part featured animations developed with motion capture.”

This was something that, on some level, you were all aware of. Every time a corporation tries to sell us something that is not yet available, there are some details that we need to take with a grain of salt, whether it be the “vertical slices” exhibited at E3 or the “photo tricks” shown at Apple events.

A project that has spent billions of dollars to look like a Kinect demo—a piece of gear initially shown off in 2009—has ended up with its dumb feet-related moment is particularly humorous. Still, there is something more that is funny about this particular situation.

Who knows, maybe the tech will look like this when it’s finally released. It might not. Perhaps none of us will ever use Horizon Worlds, and it will always be a secret.

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