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Faster Gaming Monitors Are Reaching, Involving 4K At 240Hz And 1080P At 480Hz

FIP panel technology, known as Fast IPS, debuted earlier this year with the Asus TUF 280 Hz gaming monitors by introducing thin elements and optimized voltage patterns to deliver IPS displays that exceed the limits of refresh rate, response time, and input delay without compromising visual performance. 

As do TN-based and VA-based high refresh panels. IPS displays have slower response times and better colors than VA monitors.   

The fastest gaming monitor you can buy is a panel with a refresh rate of 360Hz, but it takes a high-speed graphics card to take advantage of this speedfully. 

Many players make do with 144 Hz or 165 Hz gaming monitors, but faster displays with a refresh rate of 360 Hz are limited by the resolution and size of the screen. 

The fastest 480Hz refresh rate monitors are predicted to hit the market in 2023, offering competitive gamers more options for high-end panels with consistent frame rates for half the price. 

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As TFTCentral reports, both AU Optronics and LG Display are working on their 480Hz LCD panels. 

While it will take some time for ultra-fast monitors to hit the market, the people at TFT Central say that the display divisions that produce displays and screens for AU Optronics already have 480Hz panels on their respective roadmaps. 

We already have several 1080p monitors that can reach 360Hz, and now Optronic wants to push them to 480Hz. 

The new 360Hz Gaming Monitor is based on a 24.5-inch 1080p IPS panel from AU Optronics and features a native G-Sync module. 

HD Gaming Monitors

The 1440p and 360Hz panels in the planned 4K products will run at 240Hz, but the advances that fall by the wayside are not limited to Full HD gaming monitors. 

Both 1080p and 240Hz are in the works and will not fall by the wayside with Full HD gaming monitors. The new high-speed panels add a layer of performance to the current series of high-performance monitors and provide a new level of fluidity for fast shooters.

LGDisplay and AU Optronics have shown no slowing down recently and have announced the imminent introduction of 480Hz panels for LCD monitors. We saw Asus ROG as the first to unveil such monitors with TN panel technology as early as August 2020.  

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A monitor with a refresh rate of 60 Hz (with displays available for sports players at 144 Hz) or higher (240 Hz) provides a legitimate and tangible advantage for competitive gaming. Gaming with the mouse at a tuning rate of 1000 Hz on a super-fast monitor.  

480HZ Panels Will Available After 2023

The reality is that monitors with 480Hz panels will not be available until 2023. AU Optronics is the leading supplier and showcases panel lines from TFT Central, and the company has listed several “soon” screens on its product roadmap, one of which presses 480Hz for 1080p, 360Hz for 1440p, and 240Hz for 4K. 

A new 4K at 240Hz option from AOU is expected to launch a new 360Hz line in 2021 that will bring 4K and unprecedented refresh rates to the factory, but they will have to wait until the end of the year. 

I suspect that the target market for these super-fast monitors will be players who already have a good idea of the benefits that a 480Hz monitor can bring to their games. 

These monitors will blow today’s fastest 1080p models out of the water in almost every way. It’s just that fashion is on the horizon. 

An LCD panel with a refresh rate of 480Hz and a low latency pipeline (21ms frame time) will overtake the best gaming monitors available today, especially high-end models with a frame time of 28ms pitch at 360Hz. 

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The second company that announced its desire for 480 Hz – refresh rate monitors is AU Optronics, which declares its goal is not only 1080p monitors with a refresh rate of 480 Hz but also 4K displays with a refresh rate of 240 Hz. 

1080p Screen Monitor

In terms of speed, the 1080p screen can hold its own against other 144Hz monitors regarding response time and input delay. The panel slips a little into the black level, with a score of 0.28, which is on the high side for a monitor to play with. 

It is also two points below our favorite game monitor, the Viewsonic XG270, which has a coverage rate of 76.3 percent, placing it second to last among monitors in this year’s review.  

Its 1800R curve gives immersion in addition to gaming, and we’ve found that it’s a great monitor for overall productivity. The Asus ROG Strix XG279Q (side) is a more expensive 27-inch monitor with a 1440p resolution that offers the extra gaming power that hardcore enthusiasts demand.    

The MSI Mag301RF is the first 2560×1080 ultra-wide gaming monitor based on an IPS panel with a fast response time of 1 ms and speeds up to a high frame rate of 200Hz. 

While there are faster ultra-wide screens like LG 34GP83A (440×1440 at 144Hz and 1ms IPS monitors), the Mag301rf is also the first with a lower resolution 2560X1080 that allows you to maintain a higher frame rate at a higher refresh rate of 200hz paired with a faster response time. 

The Samsung Odyssey G7 (32 inch) is one of Samsung’s first 1000R screens, which means it is also one of the curvaceous gaming monitors on the market.


It is all about faster gaming monitors. I hope you like this post. Stay tuned with us for more news and information!


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