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I don’t feel that after the launch of PlayStation 5 in 2020, we will get the Enhanced and Ultra versions of the game as a free upgrade. In 2019, this will be part of a more significant update that will bring us closer to getting the entire game to PlayStation VR. 

According to PC Games, it has seen many new extensions over the years and a virtual visual makeover. The game has noticed 16 significant free updates so far, the biggest coming in 2018 when we release the next update and players join for the first time in the community. 

This year, there have been many good updates to No Mans Sky, which have brought a fantastic wealth of new content and spacewalks for players.    

The previous update was Expedition, which was launched in April this year and was a community-oriented game. It added multiplayer vehicles, freighters, alien pets, and many other features to the game.   

The Prism update, which revises the game aesthetic and adds new effects and features, is the third free update after the accompanying expedition update in February and March.   

No Man’s Sky Frontier Update

The new update, titled Frontier, is the 17th major free update to its ambitious No Mans Sky sandbox since its launch in 2016. The game started on the wrong foot, with an enormous amount of hype combined with too much promise from Hello Games, which made the game a disappointment for many.   

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To mark the fifth anniversary of the games, Hello Games released a solemn trailer that looked back at how the game has changed since its release, highlighted some of the most prominent features of its various updates, and revealed the game’s future. 

The biggest clue was confirmation that the 17th update of the games, titled Frontiers, would come sometime. 

While Frontiers has been mentioned as the seventeenth content update to be released later this year, there hasn’t been much about what players can expect from the update itself.   

We don’t know much about what No Man’s Sky: Frontiers will offer, but what we do know is that it will be available as a free update for existing players like the other games. 

It is unlikely that we will see Frontiers launch today, given that the sources who have said it will be coming do not currently give an immediate release date. We will certainly update this article as soon as we know more about the publication.  

Stay connected for more info on the Frontiers update as it becomes available. Today, we are announcing the next update for No Mans Sky: Frontiers; more information will follow soon. 

Frontier In No Man’s Sky Game

Frontiers is the 17th in the game and should continue the initial base-building update with surface vehicles, mechs, tame creatures, wheeled creatures, and more.   

It is an impressive list of five years after the launch of updated programs. To show just how far No Mans Sky has come in such a short period, Hello Games founder Sean Murray shared a short trailer for the fifth anniversary of the games, complete with videos of updates and fan reactions. 

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A new video from No Mans Sky celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Games looks back to the five years of free content updates and teases what’s next. 

Hello, Games has released a brand new trailer that highlights the last five years in No Mans Skys and tells us about the next update of the games. 

You can check out the anniversary trailer below, which runs through several reruns of the game, including footage of Sean Murray and the Hello Games team doing a pre-release press for the game and fan reaction to one of the most significant updates since its release.   

No Man’s Sky celebrates the 5th anniversary with Frontier Update tease, great lookback. The game celebrates 5 years of growth with the awesome retrospective video by No Mans Sky and teases of what is next.

You can check the No Man’s Sky 5th anniversary teaser here:


Today, No Mans Sky has celebrated 5 eventful years since its launch. The developers of space simulation are serving up a taste of the next big update, Frontier, as part of the celebrations. 

Since its release, No Mans SKY has received dozens of free updates that have changed the game. But have not kept many of its promises and filled the space experience with new activities and improved quality of life teased. 

I have often said this when describing announcements for other updates to the game, such as Origin Companion Expeditions and Prism. Still, No Mans Sky is a prime example of a live service game that has delivered all its promises and more. 

Talking about features in the game is not believable without doing something interesting.  The simulation for space exploration celebrates its anniversary with a review of its previous significant updates and expansions and a tiny glimpse into the future. 

Final Words

The latest information to come to light points to the next update for the No Mans Sky universe exploration game, which is called Frontiers. A teaser attached to an anniversary celebration dropped the name of the next update. Stay connected with us for further updates!


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