Steam Refund Policy: Get Your Money Back


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If you request a refund for one game and fail to meet two basic requirements before you can receive a refund, Valve will consider this and will not guarantee a refund. 

If you have already received a refund for many games, Valve may consider this abuse and no longer offer you refunds. For games bought or added to a Steam product key, you cannot receive a refund on Steam, at least not from Steam, unless you request a refund from the original vendor. 

You can save money on Steam games by buying third-party Steam Keys, a feature that encourages you to buy games on Steam if you think you want a refund. 

If you purchased a game on Steam, you are entitled to a refund if you prefer to get your money back. Your refund will be made using the same payment method you purchased the game with: a Steam Wallet credit for what you spent on Steam.

Steam Games Refund

You can get a refund on Steam Wallet using the same payment method you used when purchasing the game. Steam offers refunds for games purchased within 48 hours of buying Valve games and for games and items that have not been consumed, modified, or transmitted. 

For game games, content, DLC, and download content purchased via Steam Store, within 14 days of purchase and two hours of playing time, you can receive refunds for these items.

Even if the refund rule does not cover your game, Steam encourages users to apply for refunds if necessary to ensure they are eligible for a refund. 

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Steam will refund refunds for purchases within a game developed by Valve within 48 hours of purchase for game purchases unless you have consumed, modified, or transferred the game. 

If a third-party developer uses this system, Steam will notify you at the point of purchase that the purchase will not be refunded. 

Suppose you have spent your money on a game that is not worthwhile, you can get a refund from Steam. Then your game is refunded, it will be removed from your Steam library, and you receive the total value of your purchase. 

Follow These Steps To Get Your Money Back

The next time you buy a game on Steam, you will receive your money back if you apply for a refund by following the steps in this article.

Steam refund rules Before returning a Steam game to the market, it is essential to ensure that your buying is eligible for a refund. 

Continue reading everything you need to know about Steam refund claims and step-by-step instructions for returning Steam games. 

Note that your game may not meet the requirements for a refund approved by Steam in some instances.   

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It is good that Steam is the most prominent digital gaming retailer offering refunds for purchases you are not happy with. Today we’ll reveal to you how to get a refund for your Steam game, but bear in mind that there are a few snags before you get back your money. 

Steam understands genuine refund requests, but specific rules should best be followed.    

  • If you accidentally made a purchase on Steam or decided you didn’t like a game, you can opt for a Steam refund. Some guidelines allow for a quick and simple procedure to help you get the erroneous money you have spent out of your pocket as quickly as possible. 
  • If you require a refund from your Steam wallet for purchase or want a refund from your credit card or an external payment method, you must refund the purchase.   
  • It is possible that the developer of your game will not accept your refund through Steam’s automatic refund system. To get started, log on to the Steam support page and select a game, click Buy, select the reason like I Want to Request a refund, select the Refund Method and click Send on Request.
  • It would be best if you ignored the fact that Steam lists the purchase of the game in your refund request and verifies the total value of the refund.    
  • Steam would refund you for any reason if your game were purchased within 2 hours after game time or less than 14 days after your game time.
  • If you do not meet the time frame for a refund, you can apply to Steam Support for a refund to have a look. Steam will review your request and decide whether it is obliged to give you a refund.
  • Steam offers players guaranteed refunds for games purchased within the last 14 days and played for less than two hours. 
  • If your game does not drop within the return period, a user can still request a refund and receive a refund. Steam refund policies state that you can make as many refund requests per game.    
  • If you purchased or paid for a game on Steam in advance, you may receive a refund at the time of game release. According to Steam, refunds must be made within 14 days of purchasing the game and have less than two hours of playtime to be approved. 
  • If you wish to refund a game purchased on Steam, you must apply for a refund within two weeks of the purchase and played the game in total for less than two hours. 

If you pre-purchase a title on Steam and pay for it in advance, you can ask for a refund at any time before the game’s premiere. 

Once the game is released, you will receive a refund, but the usual 14: 2 rule remains: you must request a refund within 14 days of the game’s release, and you must not have played more than 2 hours of a game on Steam in total.   

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