William Holden Cause of De@th
William Holden Cause of De@th

William Holden Cause of De@th: Tragic End for Oscar-Winning Actor William

Officials announced on Tuesday that Oscar-winning actor William Holden was murdered in a drunken fall at his beachside apartment, where he slid on a throw rug and hit his skull on a bedside table.

The actor died sometime last week, and according to the autopsy and a preliminary inquiry, it was “accidental,” according to coroner Thomas Noguchi. He stated that at this moment, there are no other injuries or signs of wrongdoing.

‘The de@th was caused by an accidental fall involving tripping over or slipping on a throw rug, then falling into the sharp edge of a bedside table,’ Noguichi said.

The true cause of de@th, according to the coroner, was a “deep cut” that occurred on his forehead and was followed by “massive bleeding.”

Holden’s blood alcohol level was.22, according to Assistant Coroner Richard Wilson, and he was’very drunk’ at the time of his de@th.

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‘That level means he was heavily intoxicated,’ Wilson said. ‘Even though the alcohol level rises when a body decomposes — and this body was badly decomposed — that level is far above the legal limit of .10.’

Noguchi claimed that according to the inquiry, Holden was last seen alive by actor Glenn Ford. He claimed that his staff had not yet spoken with Ford, and he would not discuss the specifics of their last encounter.

When apprised of the coroner’s findings, Ford told United Press International, “Yeah, I guess I was the last one to see Bill alive.”

‘He visited the house for dinner around two weeks ago. Cynthia, Ford’s wife, took a picture of Bill that evening. It’s likely the final photo ever taken of him.

William Holden Cause of De@th

‘He was in good spirits, and we talked about a number of things, including a book I am writing. Bill was interested in writing a book of his own. Bill said, ‘The one thing I want to do is write a book before I die.’

‘We reminisced about the funny things, the good things and the sad things in our lives together.’
According to the coroner, the investigation suggested that Holden might have survived for up to 30 minutes after hitting his head on the table and suffering a 2-inch cut above his right eye.

Noguchi claimed that before bleeding to de@th and passing out, Holden attempted to stop the bleeding with tissues but ostensibly never attempted to call for assistance.

‘It seemed that Mr. Holden was unaware of the severity of his injury,’ the coroner said. We concluded he was a highly private guy who presumably wanted to help himself based on the information that was accessible.

According to Noguchi, the bed, the rug, and many tissues discovered at the scene were all covered with blood. The man said that Holden shoved the table back with such force that it tore a 2-inch hole in the wall when he struck it.

Because there was no sign of a struggle, nothing had been taken from the scene, and the rest of the apartment was “meticulous,” the coroner concluded that there had been no foul play.

He claimed that a nearly-full quart bottle of vodka and an empty one had both been discovered in the flat. Additional standard toxicological and other forensic laboratory testing will be conducted, according to Nogochi.

The Santa Monica, California, apartment was visited earlier on Tuesday by the coroner, his top pathologist, and police investigators in an effort to gather “specific information” regarding the movie star’s medical history.

According to Wilson,’ There were certain things that came out during the autopsy and the examination of the body and the boss just wanted to check them out himself.’

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