Elizabeth Hubbard Cause of De@th
Elizabeth Hubbard Cause of De@th

Elizabeth Hubbard Cause of De@th: Reflecting on Hubbard’s Death and Her Impact on TV

Elizabeth Hubbard, who had 14 Broadway appearances and had extended stints in the roles of Dr. Althea Davis and the ruthless Lucinda Walsh on the daytime dramas The Doctors and As the World Turns, has passed away. She was 89 years old.

According to her son, Jeremy Bennett, Hubbard passed away on Saturday from cancer at his Roxbury, Connecticut home.

Hubbard acted in I Never Sang for My Father (1970), The Bell Jar (1979), Ordinary People (1980), Cold River (1982), and Center Stage as the gynecologist girlfriend of Gene Hackman’s character (2000).

She played the manipulative mogul Lucinda on CBS’ As the World Turns from 1984 until the show’s cancellation in September 2010 and Dr. Althea on NBC’s The Doctors from 1964 to 1982. John Dixon, who belonged to Lucinda and Larry Bryggman, left for Amsterdam after the conclusion.

“I’ve been so lucky playing Lucinda — a character who could do anything,” she told TV Guide in 2010. “She could lie, break the law, she didn’t have to be good, and she always had that checkbook ready. Always!”

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Hubbard, who was nominated for 11 Daytime Emmys, won one for her performance as Davis and two more for her portrayal of Edith Wilson, Woodrow Wilson’s wife, on NBC’s First Women Diaries in 1976.

Her As the World Turns work earned her the next eight nominations, all of which she lost. Her final nomination came in 2016 for her role as an American se*ologist on the web drama Anacostia.

One of three children, Hubbard was born in New York on December 22, 1933. Elizabeth Wright Hubbard, one of the first women to graduate from Columbia University with a medical degree, pioneered homeopathy.

Elizabeth Hubbard Cause of De@th

Hubbard earned her degree from Radcliffe College in 1955, trained acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and made her Broadway debut in a 1955 revival of Threepenny Opera as a substitute performer.

Compulsion, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, I Remember Mother, and Dance a Little Closer from 1983 was also on her list of Broadway credits.

In 1962, when Guiding Light was still live and only 15 minutes long, Hubbard debuted on the CBS soap.  “I replaced some actress who had flipped her lid,” she recalled. “They just needed somebody to round out the week, but then they kept me, and the rest is history.”

She and Gerald Gordon, who played Dr. Nick Bellini on The Doctors, were well-liked, romantic couples in daytime television.

Before joining As the World Turns, she had subsequent appearances on the ABC drama One Life to Live as the affluent Estelle Chadwick in 1983–84 and on another CBS daytime drama, The Edge of Night.

She has appeared as a guest on The Virginian, Marcus Welby, M.D., Law & Order, Hope and Faith, and Life on Mars, among other TV shows.

“I’ve been very lucky in this thing called daytime,” she said, “first with Dr. Althea on The Doctors and then with Lucinda — two smart career women, both of them ladies who made their way in the world, and I’m very proud to have put that out there.”

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