Dayve Sanchez De@th
Dayve Sanchez De@th

Dayve Sanchez De@th: Is Apex Community Shocked by Sanchez’s Death?

The guy who was shot and killed outside of an Academy Sports store on Tuesday has been identified by Apex police, as has the SBI officer who fired the fatal round.

Dayve Sanchez, 18, was shot and murdered by a State Bureau of Investigation agent on Tuesday after being detained for theft, according to the Apex police department. Let’s examine this subject in more detail.

Is Apex Community Shocked by Dayve Sanchez De@th?

After an alleged theft incident, a State Bureau of Investigation agent shot and killed Dayve Sanchez, 18, on Tuesday afternoon in Apex.

Police were called to the Academy Sports and Outdoors store in the Pine Plaza Drive shopping mall at around 1:30 p.m.

Dayve Rafael Sanchez was discovered on the ground with a gunshot wound, according to Apex Police Chief Jeremy Armstrong. He was transferred to a nearby hospital but died due to his injuries.

Dayve Sanchez De@th

Family relatives of Dayve Sanchez, 18, contacted ABC11 on Tuesday. They recognized him as the man who had been shot and died at 1:30 p.m. outside the Apex Sports store following a dispute over stealing.

The family’s close friend Joyce Bloodsworth said, “Dayve is loved.” He’s a youthful man. He was so young and should not have passed away at 18. Thus, we need explanations because we care so much about him.

Sanchez’s mother claims it took hours for the family to learn about her son’s involvement. The news startled the family since they thought it did not match their idea of who Sanchez was.

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Agents question potential witnesses during interviews, review paperwork and electronic data, and inspect tangible evidence.

Family Questions Shooting

On Wednesday, Sanchez’s mother vented her anger and questioned the SBI agent’s decision to shoot her son. Esperanza replied, “I want justice for my kid. He wasn’t required to shoot him.

Esperanza refuted the Apex police’s assertions and asserted that her kid possessed no firearms. She added that her son made the $32 purchase at Academy that day, paid for it in full, and had a digital receipt.

I keep tabs on his spending, she said. I examined his account and am aware of his spending habits. Esperanza claimed that the woman Davye was with was a buddy with whom he had just been hanging out.

Without going into further detail, she stated that she had been worried about the nature of their relationship. The N&O has been unable to confirm the woman’s age and identity with the authorities.

Since there was an officer-involved shooting, Armstrong claimed he spoke with the Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman and SBI officials to “ensure we handle this with the utmost sensitivity.”

According to Armstrong, Freeman requested that the Apex Police Department conduct the inquiry. According to him, police were speaking with witnesses who had been in the parking lot when the event occurred.

According to SBI agent Shannon O’Toole, Ward was on duty when the shooting occurred. Since then, he has been assigned to administrative tasks while Apex Police and the SBI each conduct their internal investigations.

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