Is Alison Victoria Lesbian
Is Alison Victoria Lesbian

Is Alison Victoria Lesbian? Victoria’s Perfect Wedding Revealed!

In addition to being the first female host of the DIY Network series Crashers, Alison Victoria is a top-notch interior designer and one of the fortunate few to have had a perfect wedding with her husband. Let’s examine what made her wedding so flawless. and learn more about her marital situation.

Who is Alison Victoria’s Husband?

It seems like something out of a love novel when a guy asks his girlfriend to marry him while traveling to a beautiful location beneath the night. However, incidents like that occur in real life because fairy tales occasionally occur.

Sorry, Alison Victoria is no longer single, all of you guys find Alison’s extraordinary personality charming! Already, Alison has felt a tremendous amount of affection from her husband, Luke Harding.

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Due to the elaborate proposal, he had prepared for her in the past, Luke is the owner of the insurance company. When Luke proposed to Alison in the most romantic way, she was in for the shock of her life.

Alison had initially met her husband through a dating website. She explained how everything transpired and how she was continually in wonder, saying,

“We were in Paris, and we were having drinks at our hotel after dinner, At midnight, the concierge came out to us and said, ‘Mr. Harding, we have your car ready.’ He drove us to the Eiffel Tower with a blanket, Champagne and the giant bag of chocolate truffles.

Is Alison Victoria Lesbian

Luke proposed during our midnight picnic and said he wanted to wait for this night because it was his parents’ 34th wedding anniversary, and their marriage was something he wanted with me.”

She acknowledged that the location where Luke proposed to her was the most romantic place on earth.
She wasn’t the girl who dreamed of her wedding for years and planned every detail perfectly, despite being an interior designer who ensures everything is perfect.

It was more of a planned event while she was also serving as host of one of the most well-liked home design programs on television.

2013 saw the pair’s wedding at The Drake Hotel, which could accommodate 120 guests. “I wanted to keep it very classic, Our colors were white and pale blush with gold accents. But don’t let the demure colors fool you—this wedding was full of surprises.

I know that weddings are not about the bride and groom, It’s about everyone else, so we wanted to make sure it was a night to remember—and we definitely did that with the Sexy Sax Man.

For those that knew who he was, it was the greatest surprise ever—and for those that had never heard of him, like my 82-year-old father, it was the most terrifying and somewhat offensive moment of their lives!”

On their wedding night, she wanted everyone to have an incredible time, and her expectations were met in every way.

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